Attack on the house of Hammal Baloch and the enforced disappearance of Chairman of Ost Welfare Organ

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement has condemned the attack on the house of Hammal Baloch, the president of the Baloch National Movement Germany Zone. In his statement, he also condemned the abduction of the chairman and other members of the Ost Welfare Organization.

He said that the State atrocities are increasing with every passing day. The vicious circle of collective punishment has been expanded to the families of exile Balochs and targeting the social activists who rescued themselves from the barbarism of Pakistan and took refuge in Europe and other parts of the world; and there, they have been raising voice against state atrocities. Now their families have become the victim of state terrorism. As well as the members of welfare origination which are supporting the poor and needy people are not spared from state terrorism.

He added that the Army has full control over Balochistan. The policy of collective punishment has been growing with the tenure of every new so-called democratic government. During the Musharraf regime people were abducted and tortured; During People Party’s government the policy of “Kill and Dump” was introduced, whereas, when Nawaz Sharif came into power, fake encounters, mass graves and the policy of collective punishment were added. Now, the champions of Ideal City State (Reyasath-e-Madina) are harassing the families of Baloch in exile and abducting social activists. It has created a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

Central spokesman said that the previous night the security forces of Pakistan and the members of the Death Squad attacked in the houses of the leader of Baloch National Movement, Hammal Baloch, and Shaheed Dawood Baloch in Panjgur. The members of Death Squad indiscriminately opened fire on the house of Hammal Baloch, harassing his family members and mentally torturing them. The purpose of such pernicious tactics is to silence those voices that have been continuously speaking against state atrocities in Balochistan so that they should sideline themselves or withdraw from the struggle for a Free Balochistan.

In the same way, the state forces have grabbed the properties and personal businesses as well as abducted the relatives of the political workers to bring political activists under intense pressure who are living in exile. But political activists are associated with national struggle consciously and they would never surrender from their cause by using such shameful tactics.

He said that the chairman of the Ost welfare Organization, Mohammad Jan Dasthi was abducted from Karachi. Previously, the general secretary of Ost, Abdul Qayyum aka Wafa Baloch was abducted on 9th July. It is the fundamental duty of the state to provide the basic right to its citizens, but Pakistan is such a state wherein place of providing facilities in Balochistan, the state is destroying the lives of the people with brutalities and exploitation.

The people of rich land are dying in starvation. In such an affair of state Ost had become a ray of hope for the people which supported the needy people by raising funds. Now the state has launched an attack against such welfare trusts.

The central spokesman said, “Ost supported the poor patients of cancer; even today several patients are undergoing treatment in hospitals and the Ost Organization is bearing their expenses. The attack on Ost is tantamount to attack these helpless poor and needy people. Action against non-political organizations and welfare trusts is an act of aggression against the Baloch nation.”

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