The thoughts and philosophy of Shaheed Imdad Bojair and Shaheed Raza Jahangir are alive

In a statement, the Baloch National Movement spokesman paid tribute to the martyrs of Turbat, Imdad Bojair and Raza Jahangir on their seventh martyrdom anniversary, saying that on the early morning of August 14, the Pakistani army raided the house of BNM regional leader Imdad Bojair. The forces fired several rocket-propelled grenades and showered the barrage of bullets on house. Consequently, in this attack, Imdad Bojair and BSO Azad Secretary General Raza Jahangir embraced martyrdom. The Baloch nation has been observing August 14 as a black day to mark the creation of this unnatural state of Pakistan, henceforth, the martyrdom of these Baloch leaders has given another horrific blow to the Baloch nation.

He said that the sacrifice of the activists in the Baloch political movement is remarkable who defended their ideology by remaining steadfast even in difficult political conditions and struggled till the last moment to keep people politically active. Shaheed Imdad Bojair and Shaheed Raza Jahangir are among the brave sons of motherland who nurtured the national movement with their blood and passed on the political ideology of Shaheed Chairman Ghulam Muhammad to the people of Balochistan.

The spokesperson said that Shaheed Imdad Bojair was not only an ideological political activist but he also worked day and night to mobilize the people and always played an important role in organizing and publishing and distributing political literatures. He was a good writer and intellectual. He wrote hundreds of articles on various aspects of Baloch national politics. Following the thought and philosophy of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad on the revolutionary platform of the BNM, he remained steadfast on his political ideology till his martyrdom and became an immortal character in the political history.

He said that Raza Jahangir, Secretary General of BSO Azad, was a strong thinker despite his young age. He rose to prominence in the BSO with his ideological maturity and won the position of Secretary General. Shaheed Raza Jahangir worked in various fields to mobilize the Baloch students in the struggle for independence. Instead of sitting at home in fear of the growing aggression of the enemy, he was always engaged in the process of public mobilization and was martyred during the organizational visit.

The spokesman said that the thoughts and philosophy of Shaheed Imdad Bojair and Shaheed Raza Jahangir are alive. Even today, the Baloch sons of the homeland are sacrificing their lives for the fulfilment of their uncompleted mission and this journey will continue till the sun of freedom rises on the Baloch land.

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