Latif Johar is not a member of BNM

The spokesman for the Baloch National Movement said that Latif Johar is not a member of the party and therefore the BNM is not responsible for Latif Johar’s words and deeds.

He said that after relieving himself from BSO Latif Johar had become a member of BNM. For a long time, he was involved in negative attitudes. He was repeatedly questioned but could not satisfy the party. But despite this, he was given due opportunity to reform and stay in the party as a Baloch political activist.

The spokesman said that despite being given a chance by the party, not only did Latif Johar fail in his reform but he left the party on his own. The party did not make the announcement so as not to tarnish his image and reputation for human rights work.

He said that the party considers it appropriate to declare that Latif Johar is not a member of the party; Therefore the party is not responsible for any of his words and deeds.

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