Coherence, mutual respect and trust are fundamental pillars of organizing a party. Dr. Naseem Baloch

The General Body Meeting of BNM’s Netherland Zone was held in Amsterdam on Saturday which was presided by Dr. Naseem Baloch, Organizer of the BNM Diaspora Committee. The previous zonal performance report, finance report, discussion on the current situation and suggestions were part of the meeting’s agenda. At the conclusion of the meeting, the election committee and the new cabinet were formed. The new cabinet comprises of Keeya Baloch as president, Waleed Baloch as vice president, Kahoor Jan as general secretary, Munnawar Baloch as deputy secretary and Asif Baloch as finance secretary.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Naseem Baloch, Zonal President Keeya Baloch, and Wajah Abdul Ghani. "In consideration to the current situation, we need to be more organized and active in foreign countries because the occupying state of Pakistan has banned all activities for the Baloch in Balochistan," he said. Activists struggling for Baloch national liberation and fundamental rights are abducted, tortured and their mutilated bodies are dumped years later. Welfare and social organizations are also not safe from the wrath of the Pakistani military. In such scenarios, activities in foreign countries, diplomacy, liaison with various institutions and the Baloch national question and human rights violations in Balochistan should be brought to the notice of the world. And a way should be paved to end the ongoing occupation and colonial status of Balochistan.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said that mutual respect, coherence and trust are the pillars of this journey. These three components will help keep us connected and move us to our destination. If the BNM members sitting in this meeting want to go together for a long time, we have to keep these factors in mind.

Speakers strongly criticized the negative use of social media and urged to use this available media for our benefits to strengthen our positive activities and party program. Lest this effective medium may cause contradiction and drifts. Rather, one should propagate one’s party and party policy of Baloch liberation at every forum. If anyone has a legitimate political disagreement with organizational policy or leadership, it should be put forward for discussion at the relevant organizational forums.

Dr. Naseem Baloch congratulating the new cabinet, said, "I strongly hope that the new cabinet will work with a new determination to further the party program and use all its capabilities to enhance the party’s functions in this important European country."

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