Members of London zone met UK Cabinet member Grant Shapps to inform him about the genocide of Baloch

Central Spokesmen of Baloch National Movement said that yesterday a delegation of BNM UK zone under the supervision of BNM UK zone President Hakeem Baloch met with the former chairman of the Conservative Party and current state minister for Transportation Mr. Grant Shapps. Niaz Zehri general secretary of BNM UK zone and Shahzad Baloch of BNM UK were also present in the meeting.

Spokesmen said that the delegation informed honorable Mr. Grant Shapps, about the historical event of Balochistan’s occupation and Pakistan’s continuous genocide in Balochistan. He was also briefed about the current situation of Balochistan. Mr. Grant Shapps raised grave concerns over the human rights violations in Balochistan and said that even in this age such genocides are being carried out and the silence of the world regarding such issues is worrying and unexpected. Grant Shapps assured that he will write to his Foreign Secretary regarding this issue and urge him to ask Pakistan about the human rights violations in Balochistan.

Spokesmen of BNM also said that in recent days many of the members of British Parliament received letters from BNM UK members, as a result of that many MPs including Jonathan Gullis and Stephen Morgen have written to British Foreign, Commonwealth, and development office regarding the issue of Hayat Mirza in particular and about the violations of Human rights in Balochistan in general, to which the foreign office has responded by saying that the British government condemns any actions of extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearances. We urge all the involved states to investigate such matters, punish the perpetrators, and provide justice to the victims and their families.

"Yesterday’s meeting was part of the Baloch National Movement’s international campaign, in which not only protest and gatherings are taking place but also engagements are being done with the members of parliaments and officials in civilised countries to inform them about the history and current affairs of Balochistan," he added.

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