This month, the Pakistani army killed 7 people in Balochistan by straight firing – BNM

Shaal: The spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said in his statement that the Pakistani army attacked and forcibly disappeared 8 members of a family in Mastung, out of which two were martyred on the spot and their bodies disappeared by the Army. The attack by the Pakistani army on a civilian's house in Mastung is a continuation of the brutality of the state. This is the third incident in this month in which the Pakistani army has attacked unsuspecting civilians, killed and forcibly disappeared people.

He said that these incidents reflect the serious situation of human rights in Balochistan, which BNM strongly condemns, and urges human rights institutions to treat it as a humanitarian issue and intervene immediately instead of treating or ignoring it as an internal matter of Pakistan.

He said that a well-educated and socially respected family in Killi Shadi Khan Padangabad Mastung was attacked by the Pakistani army with heavy weapons on the intervening night of Wednesday and Friday. His house was fired with automatic weapons and mortar shells.

“In this attack, the former Principal of Mastung College and prominent writer Professor Saleh Muhammad Shad, well-known political figure Chief Attaullah Baloch Advocate, his father Muhammad Gul Shahwani, his brothers Najibullah Shahwani, Saifullah Shahwani, Mujibur Rahman Shahwani, Brahmdag Shahwani, Salahuddin Shahwani and Salman Shahwani were tortured and forced to disappear.”

According to the spokesman, Salahuddin Shahwani and Salman Shahwani were martyred due to sustained injuries during the military invasion, whose bodies were handed over to the local people after a long delay due to the protests of the citizens. Meanwhile, in serious condition, Prof. Saleh Mohammad Shad and aged Mohammad Gul Shahwani were transferred to the trauma center. They are also under the custody of CTD and their hands are handcuffed. Four other members of the victim's family are still enforced disappeared.

He said that on August 2 of this month, the house of Haji Sanaullah Shahwani located on Jungle Road in Kharan was also attacked by the Pakistani army and their affiliated organizations, who used automatic and heavy weapons against innocent people. His two sons Amir Shahwani and Imran Shahwani were tortured and killed while one son Irfan Shahwani forcibly disappeared.

The spokesman said that the Pakistani army is killing people in Balochistan without any responsibility, using unnecessary force against the people. On August 14, people protested against the behavior of FC in Khost Harnai. On which the FC fired directly at the protestors as a result of which Khaliqdad Babar was martyred on the spot while other people including children were injured.

He said that people are protesting against the killing of enforced disappearances in Shaal and against the FC’s direct firing on innocent people in Harnai. The so-called rulers are giving false consolation to these protestors but they are failing to make the army abide by the constitution and law. Instead of reducing enforced disappearances, the Pakistani army has started attacking civilian houses.

The spokesman said that on August 21, near a Pakistani army camp in the Nigwar area of Dandar, the death squad operatives of the Pakistani army targeted a vehicle carrying a pregnant woman who was being taken to Dandar for treatment. The Pakistani army's death squad fired indiscriminately as a result of which a pregnant woman along with her unborn child was martyred on the spot while a child and two others were seriously injured.

“On August 24, Inayatullah Ghabirzahi was detained by CTD officials along with two other persons from Pashtunabad Shaal and the same evening Inayatullah was killed and his body was handed over to his relatives.”

He said that only in this month, 7 people were killed by the straight firing of the Pakistani army and its subordinate agencies, while dozens of people have forcibly disappeared and fake cases have been charged against some of them.

The spokesperson said that on one hand, Balochistan is suffering from a flood situation. More than half of Balochistan has been destroyed by floods and on the other hand, the Pakistani army is killing people by using force. The Pakistani army has turned Balochistan into a slaughterhouse with its brutal operations and here the Pakistani army is dumping dead bodies of citizens on daily basis.

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