A Demonstration held by BNM in Germany against Pakistani barbarism

The central spokesperson for the Baloch National Moment said that as part of the party’s international awareness campaign, the German zone staged a protest and rally in Gottingen, Germany, on Thursday. BNM members and other freedom seeking parties’ members, locals, including a large number of women and children attended the event.

Participants held banners and placards and chanted slogans against Pakistani atrocities. The speakers also addressed the protest rally.

The speakers said that the purpose of this protest was to expose the Pakistani oppression in Balochistan to the world. Pakistani oppression is increasing day by day. Pakistan is using various tactics to suppress the national liberation movement of Balochistan. Initially, Baloch political activists were forcibly disappeared and then began a series of throwing the mutilated bodies of the political and social activists.

The speakers said that now the oppressive state of Pakistan is pursuing a policy of collective punishment. Circumstances have reached the point where they are playing with the honor of Baloch women. The dignity of many women has been tarnished by the occupying state forces. In recent days, a similar incident took place in Awaran where the oppressive army of Pakistan picked up and tortured an oppressed father Noor Jan. He was later released on condition to present his daughter in an army camp, but Noor Jan preferred to commit suicide to avoid the humiliation of presenting his daughter to the Pakistani army.

Addressing the protest rally, Farhad Baloch, a senior member of the Gottingen unit, said that the world must open its eyes to see this atrocity. The Baloch nation needs the practical sympathy of foreign countries. We must unite and speak out against these atrocities. It’s time that we should be voice of each other and move on. We are living here as refugees. We have nothing to lose. We are already falling into the hands of colonialism and fascism. We raised our voice against them in past and are still raising our voice today.

Addressing the protest, Banuk Samran Baloch said that Pakistan has occupied the Baloch territory by force of arms and atrocities are being inflicted on us till date. It is unfortunate to say that instead of speaking out against Pakistani atrocities, the Western powers are today supporting Pakistan through various means.

Mir Dad Baloch and Banuk Shari Baloch read the pamphlets.

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