A protest held in London against 12 years disappearance of Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch. BNM

A protest was held in front of the British Prime Minister’s House against the 12 years enforced disappearance of Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch. BNM

The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement said a protest was staged in front of the British Prime Minister’s House in the British capital, London, on the occasion of the 12-year enforced disappearance of Dr. Deen Muhammad Baloch. Apart from BNM workers, a large number of activists from BRP, Baloch Human Rights Organization and World Sindhi Congress also participated in the demonstration.

Addressing the protesters, Hakeem Baloch, President of BNM UK, said that BNM was ready for a united struggle. The Baloch Sindhi Forum is an example of this. Our protest is against the long 12-year enforced disappearance of our leader Dr. Deen Muhammad Baloch. We were all struggling on one platform. One day news came that Dr. Deen Muhammad Baloch had been picked up by Pakistani intelligence agencies and disappeared. Two other BNM leaders, Ghafoor Baloch and Ramzan Baloch have also been missing for more than a decade. Similarly, student leader Zakir Majeed Baloch has been missing for 12 years.

Hakim Baloch said that many Baloch and Sindhi political activists have been picked up, disappeared and killed. More than 20 Baloch have been abducted and disappeared this month alone. Those who speak out against these atrocities are also forcibly disappeared. There is no freedom of expression. Rashid Hussain was extradited to Pakistan from the United Arab Emirates. He has been missing for three years. Another issue that affects both Baloch and Sindhi is China’s attack on Balochistan and Sindh in the form of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Locals in Gwadar are protesting for water and electricity. The Baloch have fought for Gwadar and will continue to do so. Gwahram Nadil was abducted on June 12 and on June 15 his family received a call to come and take Gwahram’s dead body. Similarly, four missing Baloch were martyred in a fake encounter in Bolan. Eleven-year-old Murad Ameer was raped by the Pakistani army. We have to tell people that we are the taxpayers here. We should inform them that they are helping Pakistan with this tax in committing genocide of Baloch nation.

BRP’s Mansoor Baloch said that we should fight together against Pakistani atrocities. Samad Baloch of BHRC also emphasized unity in his address. He said that the world should be made aware of the oppression taking place in Balochistan.

“Our daughters and women are suffering in front of press clubs in Balochistan and Pakistan,” Mehnaz Baloch said. They are sitting on the streets crying because of Pakistan’s oppression. We are sitting here in foreign countries, so we should all be their voice. We must overcome our small differences and come together to make a strong voice.

Dr. Hidayat Bhutto of the World Sindhi Congress said that Pakistan is inflicting equal atrocities on Baloch and Sindhis. In fact, Pakistan is engaged in terrorism not only in Balochistan and Sindh but all over the world. Even in the UK, Pakistani-trained terrorists come and spread terror. The world has to consider that Pakistan is a threat to the whole world.

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