All the zones will hold programs on May 26 Bramsh Day and May 28 Black Day. BNM

All the zones will hold programs on May 26 Bramsh Day and May 28 Black Day. BNM

An online awareness campaign will be launched on May 26 with the hashtag #BramshDay and on May 28 with the hashtag #NukeAfterMathInBalochistan.

On May 26 last year, the Baloch nation collectively broke long-standing state barbarism and political restrictions against the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army backed personnel known as the Death Squad, exposing Pakistan’s ugly face to the world. In the Dannuk area of ​​Kech, state backed notorious Death Squads’ members broke into a house where a brave woman, Malik Naz Baloch, resisted and a brute opened fire on her, where Malik Naz embraced martyrdom and her young daughter Bramsh injured. Consequently, Malik Naz and Bramsh became the symbol of resistance in the new era.

Malik Naz and Bramsh had became the new symbol of resistance and breathed new life into the national movement. That is why the Baloch National Movement named May 26 as “Bramsh Day” to commemorate the symbol of their resistance. Bramsh Day would be observed on May 26 every year in order to expose the atrocities and horrors of the state of Pakistan, being committed upon Baloch nation through the state forces and their parallel and proxy Death Squads.

“Bramsh ” means a reckoning call and light. Bramsh spread a new light and awareness in the Baloch nation. On this tragic incident, the Baloch nation so vehemently reacted against the expectations of Pakistan, which was seen even in Balochistan, inner Sindh and Pakhtunkhwa and abroad. The effects of the incident reached to Baloch sympathizers in other nations, and even many of the other nations named their new born baby girls after Bramsh.

The main purpose of observing Bramsh Day on May 26 is to expose the atrocities, barbarism and war crimes committed by the Pakistan Army and its backed Death Squads. On this day, the activists should organize comprehensive programs, gather information in their respective areas and bring it before the Baloch nation and the world.

On May 28, like every year, Baloch Nation will observe it as black day. On this day, Pakistan tested atomic bomb in the Baloch land and turned the Raskoh mountain of Chaghi into a heap of nuclear junks forever. Since then, the radiation effects of these atomic test are wreaking havoc in Balochistan.

The Baloch National Movement will launch an online awareness campaign on social media on May 26 with the hashtag #BramshDay and on May 28 with the hashtag #NukeAfterMathInBalochistan.

We appeal to all humanists, Baloch political and human rights activists to demonstrate their humanism by participating in our campaign.

Press Release: Spokesperson

Baloch National Movement

Dated: May 12, 2021

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