Attack on female teachers and killing of detainees in Bolan are continuation of state barbarism. BNM

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that the killing of missing persons in Marwad Bolan by the Pakistani army has set another example of barbarism. Similarly, the attack on female teachers in Mastung is part of state policies to contaminate Baloch traditions. The occupying state of Pakistan is trying various tactics to destroy our traditions and tolerance of others by inflicting religious fanatics in Balochistan.

The spokesman said that in Bolan, the Pakistani army had killed Ali Baig son of Dahee, Khairo son of Shah Mir, Murad son of Nihal Khan and Murad Bakhsh son of Noor Khan, who had already gone missing, and termed it an encounter. In fact, all four people were picked up and disappeared by the Pakistani army at different times.

He said that the attack on female teachers in Mastung was an attack on Baloch traditions. Even before this, state institutions have targeted female teachers, schools and female students. For this, the name Furqan-ul-Islam was used in Panjgoor. In Gwadar, Zahid Askani was martyred and the name of ISIS was used to stop the education system. Women have a high place in Baloch society. After the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, efforts are being made to push our society towards religious sectarianism and intolerance by trampling on our traditions and culture along with Baloch genocide.

The spokesman said that the killing of a woman in Mand in an attempt to save a child from violence was highly regrettable, reprehensible and contrary to Baloch traditions. The shelter of the killers in the Pakistani army camp is a clear indication to the act that Pakistan encourages such atrocities in order to deprive women of their liberties and destroy the traditional liberal and secular identity of Baloch society.

The spokesman said that the Baloch nation has fought against all forms of Pakistani barbarism in the past and will continue to do so in the future, but the silence of the international community and responsible institutions has been a clear reason for the increase in Pakistani barbarism and brutality.

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