June 26 Program: Pakistan inflicts on Baloch nation and spreads drugs in Balochistan: BNM

Awaran: Members of the Baloch National Movement’s Awaran and affiliated zones organized a program on June 26 to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

Talking to the program, BNM Welfare Secretary Muhammad Iqbal Baloch said that independent nations celebrate this day against narcotics to send a message to the world that the use of drug is an epidemic and efforts are needed to curb this evil.

In this regards he refers the Scholars sayings that if you want to destroy a nation, do two things against it. The first is to make drugs as common as possible in this nation so that every child of the nation would be addicted. As result, he forgets the real goal of life. Ultimately, he would overlook his nation duty and fail to understand that he is the son of soil. He would fail to recall his responsibilities towards the next generation. Another scholar says that if one wants to destroy a nation, then its generation should be deprived of education so that the future generation will be illiterate and crushed.

He said that Baloch nation had been fighting against the atrocities of Pakistan for the last 74 years. The occupiers had tested their power on the Baloch nation in different parts of Balochistan. “Our mothers, sisters and daughters are being imprisoned in the torture cells and the Pakistani army is torturing them,” which show the real face of atrocities.

Hanif Baloch, a member of the BNM Central Committee, said in his address that the Baloch nation had been facing the atrocities of the Pakistani army since the day when Pakistan occupied the land of the Baloch nation and “atrocities of Pakistan are increasing with every passing day.”

He added, “On the other hand, drug is a gift from Occupying Pakistan. Wherever new drugs are invented in the world, it is in, short periods of time, spread across Balochistan. Most of the drug dealers are Pakistani army officers, those have plan to destroy the Baloch nation.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sarbaz Wafa, Assistant Editor, Radio Zrumbesh Balochi, said that there are two types of states, a nation state and an occupying state. When someone opposes the state in the nation state, the state only question his activities. But in a colonial state, the state inflict collective punishment to entire family, oppresses every single person and even kill them. In the same way, Pakistan killed entire families in Awaran area.

The program was presided over by BNM Welfare Secretary Muhammad Iqbal Baloch and the special guest was Hanif Baloch, a member of the Central Committee, while Sarbaz Wafa acted as the stage secretary of the program. A two-minute silence was observed in memory of the martyrs at the beginning of the program. BNM Welfare Secretary Muhammad Iqbal, Central Committee Member Hanif Baloch and senior BNM members Jamil Dost and Hatem Baloch addressed the program.

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