Bahria Town admin's raid on local population is a continuation of occupation and colonialism: BNM

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement condemned the grabbing of ancestral lands of Karachi with the connivance and power of Bahria Town Administration, Sindh Government, Malir Development Authority, Sindh Police, District Administration and Sindh Board of Revenue. “It is the culmination and continuation of colonial and occupier policies” of the occupying state of Pakistan, added he.

“These areas adjacent to the super highway are the ancestral lands of the Baloch and Sindhi people which are being evicted by the Bahria Town administration through the occupying powers and the institutions of the Sindh government.”

He stated, “These areas of Malir and Kathor have been inhabited for many centuries. The Sindh government has proved this through its own Judicial order, but now the same lands are being seized through force and intimidation.”

The spokesman added that the Bahria Town administration had violated a number of laws, including human rights violations, for land grabbing. With the connivance of the occupying state, they are inflicting atrocities on the local population and real owners of the land are being arrested on the basis of baseless allegations against them.

Criticising the role of main stream Pakistani media, the spokesperson remarked, “Electronic and print media which present a trivial incident in Karachi as breaking news but have kept their mouths shut against the vandalism of Bahria Town which is tantamount to betrayal of their profession.”

The Central Spokesperson further said that the recent encroachment on the lands of Noor Muhammad Gabol Goth and Dad Karim Baloch led by the police and General Amir of Bahria Town were not the first incident but several times police and Bahria Town administration raided various villages and arrested locals by force.

He remained, “In November last year, police raided Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth and arrested five people, while on March 19, 2021, Jumma Moreo Goth was demolished. In case of resistance, fake FIRs and threats and vandalism were resorted against people.”

The Central Spokesperson on the atrocities of Bahria Town administration and Sindh government said, “the way to stop the oppression lies in resistance. Only through resistance we can secure our homeland. They want to bring about a demographic change by evicting us from our properties and lands. Only through resistance we can save us from turning into a minority in our own lands.”

The BNM spokesperson said that the PPP, the so-called Baloch nationalist and anti Sindhi parties are not sympathetic to us but their loyalty is for the military establishment which wants to push the Baloch and Sindhi nations into slavery. Instead of succumbing to anyone’s false consolations, we Baloch and Sindhis have to resist this act.

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