Baloch National Movement holds Germany Zone general body on 7th April 2019 in German city Hannover

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson informed that Baloch National Movement Germany zone held its general body on 7th April. Ghaffar Baloch was the president of the event and Baloch National Movement foreign Secretary Hammal Haider Baloch was the chief guest.

Hammal Haider Baloch stressed that it is immensely important to make BNM fully functional in Europe where Pakistan has barred any type of political activity in Balochistan,as well as changing scenario in international politics is directly affecting the political scene in Balochistan and in the region.


The speakers told that Pakistan along with its ally China are involved in crimes against humanity by elongating its occupation through genocide and exploration of natural resources. There is a complete ban on politics in occupied Balochistan; hundreds of political workers have been killed by Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies due to their political commitment, and thousands of them are enduring tortures in Pakistani torture cells for years. In such state of affairs it is our first and foremost responsibility that we would inform the people of the West about the atrocities and barbarities of Pakistan in Balochistan. Surely these atrocities which are being inflicted upon Baloch people will only be stopped by liberating Balochistan from Pakistani occupation.

The new Zonal committee was formed unanimously. Hammal Baloch was elected as the new president, Dosteen Baloch as vice president, Asghar Ali became New general secretary, Niaz Baloch as deputy secretary and Rehman Baloch became the new finance secretary of BNM Germany zone.


The new Zonal cabinet took oath from waja Ghaffar Baloch, the ex-president of Germany zone.

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