BNM condemns police violence against protesters

Shaal: The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement in a statement strongly condemned the police violence and firing of tear gas on the peaceful protestors against the fake encounter of ‘Baloch enforced disappearance persons’ in Ziarat incident.

He added: “all the institutions of the state of Pakistan are equally involved in the Baloch genocide and every action of these institutions is an expression of their hatred against Baloch nation.”

He said that the military institute of Pakistan forcibly disappeared political activists and ordinary Baloch. “Pakistan is violating all international laws. State institutions are involved in torturing Baloch people in torture cells, dumping their dead bodies and burying them in mass graves.”

The spokesperson further said that the state of Pakistan had made operational so-called Counter Terrorism Department across Balochistan under the supervision of the army, and an unending series of fake encounters was started which was still going on with no end. All persons killed in these fake encounters were already forcibly disappeared and were in the torture cells of the Pakistan Army and its affiliated agencies. Most of the people killed in the fake encounter in Ziarat had also been identified as forcedly disappeared person.

“When the political organizations protested against the incident, they were tortured by the police and shelled with tear gas which is enough to expose the terrorist face of Pakistan.” said he.

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement concluded that the contempt of the Baloch nation against oppression would water the political resistance which would lead to the end of the neo-colonial system.

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