BNM announces webinar on "March 27, seventy-three years of slavery and the Baloch national struggle"

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement(BNM) said in a statement that March 27, 1948 is a black day in Baloch national history. On this day, the Baloch nation was occupied by the Pakistani state at gunpoint. After the occupation, worst violence and oppression in Balochistan for the last seven decades had been being carried out.

The spokesperson said that on March 27, newborn Pakistani state not only forcibly occupied Balochistan, but by attacking the Kalat mosque against religious traditions, it also exposed the fact that the state formed in the name of Islam was in fact an unnatural, un-Islamic and a ruthless state that does not value human dignity ​​and traditions, nor had respect for religious places.

He stated, that from day one, the Baloch nation had voted in favor of not joining Punjabi imperialism in both chamber of Parliament, Darul Amra and Darul Awam. On the contrary, the Punjabi colonial state invaded the Baloch nation by force and snatched their motherland from them and once again bounded them in chains of slavery.

He said that the Baloch had consciously started a struggle from day one to regain their national independence. It started with the resistance of Prince Agha Abdul Karim and his comrades which is still going on. In these seven decades of struggle, thousands of children, elders, mothers and daughters of the Baloch nation have quenched the thirst of the motherland by sacrificing their lives and property. This series of struggle and sacrifice is continue even today.

The spokesperson further said that the involvement of Baloch youth, Baloch women and people from all walks of life in the current phase of the ongoing struggle in Balochistan, which was started in the nineties, has left Pakistan in a state of utter confusion. Given that now Pakistan is employing the worst and filthy tactics. This includes serious human rights violations and war crimes, in particular the abduction and killing of women, as well as the disappearance and killings of the families of Baloch political activists as a collective punishment.

He said that in the last two decades, the Pakistani state in its failed efforts to crush and suppress the ongoing independence movement of Balochistan has made thousands of people from Balochistan missing and imprisoned, while thousands were extrajudicially killed after enforced disappearances. It includes a large number of Baloch National Movement leaders and members. Although such barbaric policies of the Pakistani state have caused temporary damage to the Baloch national struggle, but in long run, the sacrifices of thousands of people are guiding the Baloch youth today in national struggle for freedom.

The spokesperson further said that the state of Pakistan has imposed severe restrictions on our Balochi and Brahui languages by punishing and even killing Baloch writers, poets and musicians. The Baloch writers were subjected to enforced disappearances and targeted killings, and their homes were set on fire.

He said that it has always been the policy of the oppressive state to maintain its sovereignty by creating an atmosphere of fear in the hearts and minds of the people of the occupied territories but always suffered defeat in the end.

Baloch National Movement will hold a webinar on Saturday, March 27, 2021, in which Baloch intellectuals, including party leaders, will express their views on the 73 years of slavery and on the subject of Baloch national struggle.

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