BNM calls for Worldwide protest against escalation in the case of enforced disappearances:

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that Pakistan Army had intensified the enforced disappearances in Balochistan. In the past one week, more than 50 Baloch have been detained and forcibly disappeared. Most of them are young and students.

He said that on the one hand Pakistani forces were abducting the relatives of Baloch activists as a collective punishment and on the other hand they were targeting civilians in a state of utter desperation. The reason for this insanity is the two-decade long struggle for Baloch national independence. Pakistan has been trying to silence the people from supporting the national movement through force and guns. “After failing to do so, Pakistan has stepped up its policy of enforced disappearances.”

The spokesperson said that the BNM would hold global protests against the escalation of atrocities in Balochistan, increase in enforced disappearances and killing of people in fake encounters. In addition, letters and memoranda will be submitted to various countries and international organizations.

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