BNM condemns Death Squad attack on party leader and journalist’s house in Bunistan

Baloch National Movement’s spokesperson has condemned the attack on the house of party leader and journalist Safar Khan Baloch in Bunistan, Panjgur. The relatives of former regional head of Panjgoor Ayub Israr were attacked on Friday morning by Shakeel son of Dr. Abdul Hameed alias Shaku, the leader of a local death squad, he said. The people of the area defended their the families while fulfilling their duty of neighborliness.

The party spokesperson said Pakistani forces had formed death squads against Baloch pro-freedom activists across Balochistan. The Pakistani military is trying to divert people from the freedom movement by targeting the families of pro-freedom Baloch activists under the guise of death squads to cover up its crimes.

He said that history has always shown that the traitors will become a symbol of disgrace and those who are facilitating the Pakistan Army and their puppets today will tomorrow have to answer for their every sin in the dock of Baloch National Court. Use of force on the weak and the unarmed is not bravery but a sign of fear and cowardice.

The spokesman said that the Pakistani military is trying to cover up its crimes by using its nurtured criminals to show the incidents as a result of personal enmity and mutual disagreement. He said that people in Balochistan are facing collective punishment; a common practice to target the families of pro-freedom Baloch activists and journalists who write the truth about Balochistan. It has been repeated in Bunistan to demoralize the sympathizers of the movement and keep them away from the resistance for their national survival. But let the enemy should learn that as a result of its every cruel act, hatred against them is growing in the Baloch nation.

He said that, in the past, the houses of party leaders were attacked. Even the entire villages of activists and sympathizers of the movement were burnt to ashes. Still, the party workers remained in high spirits and the public support grew more because the Baloch nation is satisfied with the party vision, and they have a sense of slavery. History is the witness that no nation can be oppressed by violence.

He appealed to the international and human rights organizations to keep discussing the human rights violations committed by the Pakistani military, to help out the people suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. It has been the tactic of the Pakistan Army to carry out another action to reduce the reaction of the other activities so that the attention of the people and the world can be diverted.

To turn the tide of protests over Karima’s murder, Hazara workers were targeted and killed by their own terrorists, in Mach, Balochistan. And now another crime is being planned to silence the rising voices on the incident.

He expressed his concern that a state goon named Shakeel alias Shaku had threatened to kill the relatives and family members of Safar Khan Baloch due to which the entire family is psychologically disturbed. If the neighborhood had not stopped him today, we would have been protesting for another tragedy.

He said that the eradication of oppression in Balochistan is not possible without the establishment of an independent Balochistan. In Balochistan, people from all walks of life and all the ares must put minor disagreements aside and join the freedom movement for the defense of our motherland and the right to life.

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