BNM Information Secretary releases monthly report of April 2021:

BNM April report: Pakistan Army sexual abuse a minor child, more than 24 military operations, 38 went missing, 21 killed, including 6 refugees, 44 houses set on fire and several families displaced

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement, while releasing a detailed report for April 2021, said that 38 people went missing in more than two dozen military operations and raids in April; 21 people including 6 refugees were killed and more than 44 houses were destroyed, more than 20 families were compelled for forced migration. Five of the dead were unarmed civilians killed by the Pakistani army during operations. Six Baloch militants were martyred in clashes with the army, two were killed by the army backed Death Squad, while six Baloch refugees in Afghanistan and Iran were targeted and killed by military backed armed proxy. The motives behind the killing of a Baloch fighter in Kohistan Marri and a journalist in Quetta could not be ascertained. Six bodies were recovered this month, four of them died in hunger and thrust due to blockade of border in Western Balochistan. One body was beyond recognition and remained unidentified and the cause of the one another body could not be ascertained. In Gichk, three women were forcibly disappeared by the army and were released after severe torture. Eleven people were released in April.

The information secretary of Baloch National Movement said that a very sad and tragic incident took place in the month of April in Hoshaap where a Pakistan Army man raped a minor child, Murad Amir. This incident definitely rocked the conscience of the Baloch nation and forced the common people to react against the incident but as usual other nationalities kept silence.

He criticised the role of Media Houses and civil society, “The Pakistani media and the so-called civil society which strives to make headlines” on pity things, but the nerve shattering news of Balochistan are ignored and did not get the attention.

He added, “We do not hesitate to understand that the so-called civil society and human rights organizations and parliamentary parties are becoming complicit with the Pakistani military in the atrocities against the Baloch. They have given tacit agreement to the tragic events and it is permissible to perpetrate any injustice to the Baloch nation.”

“The role of Pakistani media is very negative. Instead of exposing the atrocities of the Pakistani army in Balochistan, they are busy in blanketing the issues.”

Dil Murad Baloch said that the occupying forces carried out large scale operations in different areas in which the occupying forces continued to violate fundamental human rights including looting, burning of houses, violating the codes of honor and dignity. These human rights violations have become part of the routine of the Pakistani military. Pakistan has turned the Baloch homeland into a slaughterhouse where Pakistani army and intelligence agencies are playing Holi with Baloch blood.

Pakistani civil society, human rights organizations, the media and international human rights organizations are also showing criminal negligence in this regard.

Dil Murad Baloch said that on the one hand, Pakistan had been releasing a few people who had been imprisoned for a long time, but on the other hand, the process of picking up and disappearing people was in full swing.

He concluded, “This series of enforced disappearances and killings has long ago taken the form of genocide. Until international organizations take clear action against Pakistan, Pakistan will continue to increase its atrocities in Balochistan.”

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