BNM monthly report: More than 50 military operations, 19 killed, 47 went missing, many women raped:

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement, while publishing the report for the month of June, said that Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan continued as before. The State of Pakistan carried out more than 50 military operations and raids in the month of June that caused the enforced disappearances of 47 persons. During these military led operations 19 persons were killed, dozens of homes were set on fire, and hundreds of livestock and valuables were looted. Among those killed, one was shot dead in the custody of Frontier Corps (FC), two in Keelkaur and one in Panjgur. Further five Baloch militants were martyred in a clash with the Pakistani army. Two people were killed by the Pakistani Death Squads in Wadh and Western Balochistan, while a state-backed teacher stabbed a woman to death during an altercation in Mand. The motive for the killings of other seven people could not be ascertained. In the month of June the Pakistani military raped dozens of women in Keelkaur and Kolwah Madag Kalat. Five people were released from Pakistani army torture cells.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Pakistani atrocities and horror are intensifying in Balochistan with every passing day. The custodial murder of Gwahram Nadil in Tump and the rape in Keelkaur are clear examples of this. The reaction of the Baloch people to these incidents and the press conferences on behalf of the victims are evident that these incidents are happening continuously but now the people have brought the incidents before the media by keeping the fears and threats aside. The people have come to believe that Pakistani security forces do not stop their brutalities by hiding the atrocities.

Dil Murad Baloch said that in the month of June, Gwahram son of Nadil was abducted and disappeared by the Pakistani army from Tump and four days later his family members were called and asked to take Gwahram’s body. Murder and sexual assault in custody have risen sharply. The occupying army is also trying to subdue the Baloch nation and make them withdraw from the national movement by using rape as a weapon in the wake of abductions, disappearances and fake encounters.

He said that during the aggression in Keelkaur area of ​​Panjgur, about a dozen women were sexually abused by the Pakistani brutal army. A girl’s father was shot dead for resisting. Many villages in Keelkaur have been forced to migrate due to Pakistani military atrocities. The area, located on the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, has been the target of constant state barbarism. Amir Murad, an 11-year-old boy, was raped by the Pakistani army in Hoshaap on the same route. In another incident, women in Mashkay were raped and their families were threatened to remain silent.

Dil Murad Baloch said that many such incidents were taking place but due to the repression of the Pakistani army, fear and media blackout, these incidents were hidden from the eyes of the world. In Awaran, Noorjan Baloch committed suicide after being asked to present his daughter at a military camp.

Against these incidents, the BNM has organized protests around the world, wrote letters to various world organizations, and campaigned in social media. In such a situation, the intervention of the United Nations and world powers is essential. We appeal to them to fulfil their responsibilities and save Balochistan from further destruction.

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