BNM pays homage to Fazal Javed Baloch

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement has paid homage to a senior member of the party Mulla Fazal Javed Baloch and said that Mullah Fazal Javed has made many sacrifices and suffered indescribable pain in his life. Despite all the hardships, his spirit remained high and he remained involved in the Baloch national struggle till he breathed last.

The spokesman said that the Pakistani army had demolished Fazal Baloch’s house several times. Eventually, all their houses were bulldozed but they could not break the relationship of Fazal Baloch to the Baloch struggle for independence. Pakistan crossed all the limits of atrocities and raided the house during the marriage of his two young sons and daughter. Two young sons Aftab Baloch and Ejaz Baloch, newly married son-in-law Shahnawaz Baloch and bride Basit Baloch were abducted on April 21, 2015, in the name of detention and later on shifted to military camp Mashkay Gajjar where they were martyred during inhumane torture and their bodies were handed over to the local Tehsildar. It was a catastrophic moment for Fazal Baloch and his family. But this courageous man did not lose courage. He considered every activist involved in the struggle as his son and continued the journey. His spirit was never lowered.

He said that despite so many atrocities, the brutality of the nefarious enemy has not diminished. Fazal Baloch’s family became homeless and moved to Karachi. During a raid there, his widowed daughter Bibi Farah was thrown down from the third floor, causing severe back injuries. She is still living a life of semi-disability.

The spokesman said that Mullah Fazal Javed spent the last days of his life in different parts of the country due to a series of raids on houses in Mashkay. BNM pays tribute to him for these great sacrifices.

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