BNM pays homage to Naseer Kamalan and Ahmed Dad. BNM

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement (BNM) paid homage to Naseer Kamalan and Ahmad Dad on the occasion of their eleventh anniversary and vowed to continue their mission till the final victory.

He said that the barbarity and brutality of Pakistan can be gauged from the fact that Shaheed Naseer Kamalan and Ahmed Dad were forcibly disappeared by spy agencies of Pakistan from police custody while shifting them from Pasni to Gwadar for the so-called court appearance and then their mutilated bodies were dumped.

He said that Naseer Kamalan was a shrewd leader, a revolutionary poet and a lover of Baloch national independence and “Coast”. He had devoted his entire life for Baloch national liberation. Many Baloch youth joined the caravan of national struggle due to his political sagacity and preaching. Among them one was his young son Shaheed Sameer Kamalan who followed his father’s footsteps and sacrificed his life for the land.

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement vowed, “On the occasion of the Eleventh Anniversary of the Martyrs, we reiterate our determination that the party will spare no effort to take the freedom movement to new heights through its tireless work for the mission of Martyrs.

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