BNM released detailed report for the month of January 2021.

More than 50 operations, 14 people including Hazara martyred, 22 went missing, dozens of houses and vast forests set on fire

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement, while releasing the detailed report for January 2021, said that this month also the Pakistan Army conducted more than 50 operations and raids across Balochistan. In these operations, the ground forces, as usual, had the support of gunship helicopters and local death squads.

In January, the Pakistani army killed three people. In Kech, the father and son were shot dead by Pakistani forces (narcotics) . A Sarmachaar was martyred in a clash. Eleven members of the Hazara community were killed by Pakistani proxies in the Mach coal mines.

In different areas, the Pakistani army detained 22 people and made them disappear. The bodies of 5 persons were recovered from Khuzdar, Panjgur, Noshki, Dalbanden and Pasni whose cause of death could not be ascertained. The army set fire to more than 2 dozen of the houses. A vast range of forests was set on fire in various rivers of Gworkop area of ​​Kech. In the same month, 28 people were released from Pakistani army cells. Many of them have been in torture cells in Pakistani military prisons for years.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Balochistan has completely become a war zone where Pakistani army, army sponsored death squads are committing large scale of Baloch genocide and other war crimes. Not a single day goes by in Balochistan without Pakistani military operations and human rights violations.

He said that earlier this month, Bolan, Shahrag and Kech areas of Gwarkop and Buleda were targeted by the Pakistani army. The operation in and around Bolan, Shahrag and its surroundings had been intensified, while the operation in Gwarkop was launched in early January. The operation from Jamak to Gwarkop mountain range continued till the end of the month. In Gwarkop and Nag area and its vicinity the Pakistani army set fire to more than two dozens of houses of Naik Sal, Brahim, Juma, Saleh Mohammad, in Salach, Sur, Rangan, Siah Maari, Garrai Bun.

Three new military outposts were set up at different places. Vast ranges of forests in Kalag Kaur in Sri Kallag, Damas Kaur in Gwarkop and at Sri Gwarkop and Janglabad, a vast range of forests of Pesh (Mazri) were burnt.

Dil Murad Baloch said that in Balochistan where Baloch genocide and other war crimes are on the rise, the Pakistan Army is not sparing forests and wildlife. Earlier, the Pakistani army had set fire to a large number of forests in different parts of Dasht, Mashkay, Thank, Jhao and Sarawan. This month, the Pakistani army burned a large number o trees in Gwarkop. Last month hundreds of sheep and goats were killed by poisoning water during an operation in Zamuran.

He said that Pakistan has always been of the view that when the Baloch national issue or Pakistani barbarism draws the attention of the world public opinion, Pakistan would resort to such barbarism to counter it and divert attention. When Pakistani intelligence agencies assassinated Lumma Karima Baloch, the BNM leader and former BSO chairperson in Toronto, Canada, there was a strong reaction not only from Baloch but also from other oppressed nations in the region. They strongly condemned the act and expressed solidarity with the Baloch nation. There was a lot of discussion in the international media about this. To counter this, Pakistan targeted Hazara workers in Mach through its mercenary proxies. In a single day, 11 innocent people were slaughtered by them. For a while, Pakistan did manage to divert the attention of the people, but the national struggle cannot be ended by such heinous war crimes.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Pakistan has always denied the ongoing military barbarism in Balochistan at the state level but on many occasions puppets including state officials have been admitting that military operation is being carried out in Balochistan. This month, the puppet provincial interior minister announced that an operation would be launched in Balochistan.

Although military operations in Balochistan have been going on for the past two decades, but the Pakistani army and other state authorities have always refused to admit it. Army stopped people to attend the funeral of Banuk Karima, the military personnel kept announcing on the megaphones that the operation was going on and attendees could be harmed. In addition, former Pakistani Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao, former provincial spokesman and current Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, former puppet Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti and other state officials have on various occasions confirmed the military operation in Balochistan and admitted the enforced disappearances of people.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Pakistani brutality and barbarism in Balochistan has created a human tragedy which is increasing day by day, but unfortunately, the establishment of organizations at the international level, including the United Nations, which aim to secure human rights or national issues, they seem unaware of Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan. The Baloch will move forward through this difficult period, but the Baloch human tragedy and the silence of these institutions will forever be a question mark over the existence of these institutions.

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