London: BNM protest in front of Pakistani High Commission against Pakistani atrocities in Balochista

London:BNM organize a protest demonstration in front Pakistan High commission.The protest took place in response to the Killings of 11 abductees Baloch by Pakistani Army, in a fake encounter in Ziarat Balochistan and in solidarity with the families of enforced disappeared who are sitting in a sit in more than a week in Shaal Balochistan.A large number of people participated in protest demonstration including world sindh Congress secretary General Dr Lakhu Luhana. Abdullah of Baloch Raji Zrumbesh.

The protesters were holding banner and chart on which slogan was written against the abduction of baloch people, fake encounters and in favor of Balochistan freedom. The protesters chatted slogan against abductions and baloch Genocide.

During the peaceful protest Pakistani high commission try to disturb the protest and provoke the protester. But the protesters remained peaceful and continue the protest.

During the protest, Junior joint secretary of BNM, Hassan Dost Baloch addressing the protester said that Pakistan killed 11 innocent enforced disappeared Baloch in zirath Balochistan and try to show that thay were members of an arm organization but we and the world know that a large number of Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun are in Pakistani illegal custody. Today in social media era Pakistani lies are exposed. Pakistan is trying to finish Baloch Struggle by violence but I want to tell them that today even the child and women are standing against you for the baloch struggle of freedom.

“Pakistan is involved in human rights violations and war crimes in Balochistan, it is our demand that UN must intervene and play her role in Balochistan” he added.

Dr Lakhu Luhana said that today we are here to tell Pakistan that you are committing Genocide, you are committing crimes against humanity in Balochistan and you should remember there were regime before you who committed these crimes. “Pakistan forcefully occupied Balochistan and as a nation it wants to be free it can’t be kept in salivary. Pakistan become so ruthless that kill innocent people from her torture cell to scared us” he said.

Abdullah Baloch of Baloch Raji Zrumbesh addressing the protestors during the protest said that killing innocent people in fake encounters is a war crime which is one of the biggest crimes in the world. Thousands of baloch are in Pakistani torture cell and killing these abductees in fake encounters to make us scared but humanity is much stronger than their fear.

President of BNM-UK chapter Manzoor Baloch said Pakistan is not a democratic country it is being run by the terrorist army. We are protesting here in front of Pakistani high commission not demanding anything from them because we know they are on pay roll of the army. We are here to show the world the true face of Pakistan.

At the end General secretary of BNM-UK thanks to the participants and said we are gathering here to protest against killing of innocent Baloch in fake encounter and solidarity with the families of enforced disappear persons. We want to tell the families of enforced disappear that they should not feel that they are alone whole Baloch nation is with them. Our unconditional support is with the families.It is our demand to the international community special to UN, EU, United Kingdom and to USA that they should sanction Pakistan and immediately stop giving aid to Pakistan till Pakistan don’t stop doing Baloch Genocide and crime against humanity in Balochistan. Their silence is encouraging Pakistan to do more atrocities and continue Baloch Genocide.

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