Bramsh Day: The May 26 tragedy had a profound effect on Baloch politics, society,political relations

Bramsh Day: The May 26 tragedy had a profound effect on Baloch politics, society and political relations. Chairman Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the Dannuk incident is a tragedy in our history that broke the atmosphere of fear created by Pakistani state's brutality and barbarism and it breathed new life into the Baloch national movement. The event was so troublesome that it had a profound effect on Baloch society, politics, literature, culture and political relations.

He said that Baloch national politics has seen various ups and downs but the forcible disappearance of political activists in Balochistan, inhuman violence, massacre and horrific barbarism by the state of Pakistan have changed the face of the political movement and the Baloch nation’s commitment to its movement. This event changed the mood of expressions. Political activists resorted to alternative methods of connecting with the people instead of holding rallies.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that over the years, Pakistan had developed armed forces with the help of its parliamentary parties, extremist religious organizations, drug dealers and tribal chiefs. They are commonly known as the Death Squad. Along with the Pakistani army, these armed groups started playing with the honor, life and property of the Baloch nation. No one is safe from their evil. Parliamentary politicians in the guise of Baloch nationalism are pretending to be sympathetic to the Baloch. They also fully supported the government of Pakistan in this mobilization. Even the notorious Shafiq Mengal’s meetings with the central leaders of the National Party and the alliance in the so-called elections are on record.

He said that the Pakistani army had brought the death squads as its parallel force in the massacre across Balochistan. The urban population in Balochistan is very small. Most people live in mountainous areas and villages. In this way, they are earning their livelihood from herding and agriculture in difficult areas. In such areas where military access is difficult or costs are unbearable, the occupying forces use the same death squads. Since the Death Squad is not a regular body to be allocated a regular budget, they have been given free hand to commit murder, looting, theft and robbery. Thus, the state or state forces are hoping and trying to acquit themselves of war crimes.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the Dannuk tragedy uncovered the veil from the ugly face of this barbarism. The resistance of Shaheed Malik Naz opened new doors in the struggle. Malik Naz’s bravery gave strength and energy to the Baloch nation. Malik Naz became immortal and with her pure blood even the people from those areas joined the movement where there was deep silence.

Therefore, the Baloch National Movement chose Bramsh, the daughter of the brave woman martyr Malik Naz, who was also injured in the tragedy, as a symbol and named it The Bramsh Day after her on May 26. This day reflects the role and sacrifices of women in Baloch national history. This day highlights the barbarity of the army and its mercenaries and proves that the Baloch do not attack homes or raise their hands against women even in the worst of hostilities. But armed groups disguised as Baloch have tarnished Baloch values. This day is also a message to the these armed groups and the so-called parliamentary parties that the Baloch nation considers them as equal partners in formation of the Death Squad.

Dated: May 26, 2021

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