BSO is an academy of resistance, with a history full of sacrifices: Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch while issuing a statement on the occasion of the 54th founding day of Baloch Students Organization (BSO) said that BSO is the name of a resistance academy which has not only spread the light of knowledge and consciousness in Baloch society but also provided leaders who are today a symbol of resistance. He added, “the history of selfless sacrifices has given the organization a respectable political status in Baloch society.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the establishment of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO), its aims and objectives and its struggle provided a platform for the youth where they became aware of the state’s barbarism and the destruction of the colonial system, so they took the path of resistance against this barbarism and colonial hegemony. He goes on, “The BSO installed awareness in the youth that resistance is the only way under which they can secure their national identity and national survival.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the involvement of youth in BSO and the popularity of the organization among the people has always frightened the state institutions. Due to fear, they conspired to divide the organization in every era. Apparently, it seemed successful in their plot but the sincere and resilient youth of BSO kept the resistance nature of the organization alive with their blood. Even today BSO continues to make sacrifices.

He said that at the beginning of the 21st century, BSO, by declaring parliamentary politics as a poisonous killer, instead of becoming a pocket organization of parliamentary politics, it joined hands with the freedom seeking party and showed the youth, the path of real resistance instead of becoming the fuel for parliamentary politics.

Chairman Khalil Baloch further said that BSO has been ingrained in the national psyche of Baloch in such way that even the entire machinery of the state could not take the love of BSO out of the hearts of the Baloch people. However, the state continued its practice of enforced disappearances, custodial killings, mutilated dead bodies, mass graves and mass executions to make Baloch society infertile and alienated. But the Baloch student leaders, equipped with knowledge and awareness, saved the society from infertility by restoring the resistance nature of the organization. Hundreds of enforced disappearances, the martyrdom of dozens of leaders further fueled Baloch Student Organization rather than eroding the BSO’s spirit for independence.

At the end of his statement, he said that resistance is the real strength of the organization and it is this resistance that gives the organization a prominent position in the society.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the present leadership should provide guidance about the aims and objectives, sacrifices and struggle of BSO. It is prerequisite to discuss on the issues which were the reasons that led to the division of BSO and identify those elements that created a favorable environment to divide the power of the Baloch students. The leader of Baloch National Movement concluded, “Keeping in view the aspects of criticism, only meaningful debate and discussion can help in choosing new ways for the organization.”

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