BNM makes crucial decisions in the first cabinet meeting

Shaal: Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch chaired the first cabinet meeting of the Baloch National Movement with the full participation of the cabinet. In the cabinet meeting, many organizational decisions were taken, including maintaining the continuity of the solidarity programs with the families of the forcibly disappeared persons and encouraging the party workers and supporters to help the flood victims.

In the meeting, the current situation of Balochistan and the agenda of organizational progress were discussed. The Constitution Committee presented the constitution draft based on the changes made in the last session, which was reviewed and approved by the Cabinet for publication.

The meeting entrusted the chairman with the power to select four particular members of the central committee. In the meeting, the names of the central members of the various Constitutional bodies were also presented and agreed upon by the cabinet.

With the approval of the Cabinet, Asghar Ali and Kiya Baloch were appointed as members of the Information and IT Department committee, Shah Meer and Fahad were appointed as members of the Central Finance Disc, Dr. Nokaap and Imdad Baloch as members of the Welfare Department committee, Hatim Baloch and Riyaz Baloch as members of Human Rights Department committee, while Niaz Baloch and Faheem Baloch were appointed as members of Foreign Affairs committee. The names of the members of the Secretaries committees were proposed by the heads of the concerned institutions and approved by the Cabinet.

After reviewing the performance of foreign and other departments, the cabinet directed all the institutions to work in a coordination and decided that the Foreign Secretary would write letters to human rights organizations about the situation of Balochistan based on the reports of Paank.

Members were assigned special responsibilities to make the party vibrant under the cell system in different regions of Balochistan and Sindh.

Addressing the meeting BNM Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch said that after the session in short period, significant changes occurred and considerable issues surfaced in Balochistan. Incidents like custodial killings of forcibly disappeared persons in Ziarat, killing of civilians at the hands of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Army attacks on houses in Kharan and Mastung, and the incident of enforced disappearances happened during this period, while millions of people were affected by floods.

“In these circumstances, apart from protests abroad, BNM wrote letters to international organizations and appealed to them to pay attention to the human rights situation in Balochistan. BNM’s Human rights department Paank performed well to highlight the human rights situation in Balochistan, similarly the activists abroad have also maintained the continuity of their programs to highlight Balochistan’s freedom movement.” Says Dr.Naseem Baloch.

The Chairman said that we would always keep our performance stable and try to improve so that we succeed in our goal.

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