Congratulations to the former Chairman and colleagues of BSO on joining BNM. Khalil Baloch, Dr Murad

Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman Khalil Baloch and Secretary General Dr. Murad Baloch congratulated former BSO Azad Chairman Dr. Nazir Noor Baloch alias Sohrab Baloch and his colleagues on joining BNM and said that Dr. Nazir Noor Baloch is a serious and mature leader. Nazar is a political leader.leader. His joining BNM is very immensely delightsome.

He said that the former chairman and his colleagues of BSO Azad decided to join the party after negotiations with the party leadership and expressed confidence in the party and leadership and said that Baloch National Movement is playing an important role in the struggle for independence. That’s why they chose the BNM platform after successfully leading BSO.

He said that Dr. Nazir Noor Baloch became the chairman of an organization like BSO in a difficult time and not only he managed the organization with his ability and competence but also increased the scope and usefulness of the organization through his tireless efforts. He was instrumental in guiding the Baloch students in right direction.

We hope that Dr. Nazir Noor Baloch and his colleagues with their experience, ability and knowledge will play an important role in the activeness of BNM and Baloch national liberation.

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