December report: More than 20 military operations, 12 killed, 10 bodies recovered, 62 went missing:

Pakistan has started a series of killings of detainees with genocidal and war crimes

outside the Pakistani occupied Balochistan. Dal Murad Baloch Central Information Secretary

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary, Baloch National Movement, while releasing a detailed report of December 2021, said that Pakistani military aggression not only continued in the last month of the year, but also brought more intensity in it . In this month Pakistan Army conducted more than 20 military operations and raids.

In the month of December, the Pakistani military detained 62 people and shifted them to secret dungeons. In December, twelve people were killed, including two missing persons by the Pakistani army and dumped them outside the Pakistani occupied Balochistan, and a young man was shot dead by former Army official at his home in Buleda. One man, who was in torture cells of military, was released from cell and lost his life during treatment. The CTD claimed to have killed seven people in the fake encounter but the bodies of none of them were shown to media. The motive for the killing of one person could not be ascertained. This month, nine people were released from Pakistani military torture cells who had been enforced disappeared by the Pakistani army at various times and kept in unknown locations.

Dil Murad Baloch said that the increase in Pakistani atrocities with the passage of time is a clear indication that Pakistan will not hesitate to go for Baloch genocide to any extent. On the one hand, the right to live has already been taken away from the people. On the other hand, the ongoing military operation and the ongoing violence have made people’s lives miserable and the persecution is so widespread that a system of rationing has now been introduced in large areas. No one can leave the area, bring rations or guests without military’s permission. Such military siege of area as per Geneva Fourth Convention and Hague Convention 1907, is an act of war.

He said that such a tragic scene of collective punishment may not have been witnessed by anyone in the world who the Baloch nation is witnessing in this modern age. In order to make the workers of political parties and organizations surrender, their relatives are being subjected to oppression so that they can come under pressure and surrender before the state. In connection with this collective punishment, the Pakistani army transferred Bibi Rubina to prison in Jahoo and tortured her so that her spouse would surrender before the army.

This state has always considered the observance of any constitution, law and human values ​​as a defect and due to the silence of the world, it has got an exemption in Balochistan.

He said that despite the clear increase in Baloch genocide, human rights organizations are not playing their effective role.

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