Dr. Manan’s sacrifice is a beacon in the journey to freedom. Dr. Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement Secretary-General Dr. Murad Baloch on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Dr. Manan Baloch and his comrades paid a heartfelt tribute to him and said that Dr. Manan Jan and his comrades were brutally killed by the enemy during an organizational visit. But today, Dr. Mannan Baloch has become an ideology, and ideologies can never be killed. In attempts to eradicate ideologies, numerous forces have been wiped off the face of the earth forever, but ideas and ideologies are still alive today. Dr. Manan Baloch’s ideology is similarly alive.

He said, “Dr. Mannan Baloch was a seasoned and dynamic politician, intellectual and committed nationalist, and a highly educated leader. He worked tirelessly to nurture the national movement across Balochistan. There is no area of ​​Balochistan where Dr. Mannan Baloch has not conveyed the message of independence and has not worked for the national movement.”

Dr. Murad Baloch said that Dr. Mannan Baloch was a public leader and was always present among the people. Under these circumstances, he knew that the enemy could harm him anywhere, but his steadfastness did not falter. Instead of being isolated, he continued to preach freedom by being present in the nation. He continued to spread revolutionary teachings and during this revolutionary journey, Dr. Mannan Jan and his comrades became immortal by sacrificing themselves for the freedom of the motherland. His sacrifice is a beacon in the journey of Baloch national liberation.

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