Forced disappearances, massacres have exposed the terrorist face of Pakistan to world. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman Baloch National Movement, while expressing concern over the escalation of enforced disappearances in Balochistan, said that enforced disappearances and massacres of Baloch people have further exposed the terrorist face of Pakistan to the world. Pakistan has crossed all the limits of atrocities and brutality. Pakistan is using the silence of human rights organizations and countries as an exemption.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that in the last two weeks, the Pakistani army from all over Balochistan, has forcibly disappeared more than 50 people including Hafeez Baloch, a university student from Khuzdar, and killed seven others. In Panjgur, university student Ehtesham and a mentally ill man Nadeem Abdal were shot dead in public, while two brothers were taken into custody from Awaran Teertej and transferred to an army camp, where a brother Muhammad Ali son of Deenar was brutally killed. His body was dumped by a tractor, while the other brother was thrown with serious injuries.

Baloch National Movement Chairman maintained, “Pakistan, self proclaimed champion of Islam, does not respect our dead bodies, even refuse to hand over them to their families.”

He applauded the people of areas, “kudos to the people of Teertej and our mothers and sisters who, despite the refusal of the Pakistani army, set a new example of courage by excavating the dumped body and reburying it according to Balochi rituals.”

He further said that state terrorism is going on in full swing in Balochistan and it is intensifying day by day. The atrocities committed by Pakistan in Bangladesh are being repeated in Balochistan today. But let Pakistan and its institutions know that they will face the same fate in Balochistan that in Bangladesh. “Instead of being weak, the freedom movement will grow stronger through oppression.” said he.

At the end of the statement, Chairman Khalil Baloch said that international human rights organizations should take notice of Pakistani atrocities. Balochistan is going through a humanitarian crisis. This humanitarian crisis is not a good omen for world peace. International organizations and human rights organizations should Intervene and play their role in preventing the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

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