Formation of a zone consisting of Switzerland and France: Hatim Baloch was elected organizer. BNM

Formation of a zone consisting of Switzerland and France: Hatim Baloch was elected organizer. BNM

“Conscious participation 1in the party requires a conscious role from us.” Dr. Naseem Baloch, Organizer, BNM Diaspora Committee

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said in a statement, that a meeting of the BNM France Zone was held on Sunday. The meeting was presided by Dr. Naseem Baloch, the organizer of the BNM Diaspora Committee. He said that Various agendas were discussed in the meeting. Dr. Naseem Baloch, Haji Anwar Advocate Baloch, Hatim Baloch, Mubarak Baloch, Comrade Habib Baloch and Dr. Khalid Baloch addressed the meeting.

He said that a few days ago, the BNM Diaspora Committee decided to merge the party members of two neighboring countries in Europe, Switzerland and France, into one zone and until the required number of separate zones in both the countries is met, the members of two countries will operate as one zone.

He said that the history of BNM is full of sacrifices. The party’s activities, positions and responsibilities are very different from those of traditional parties because, it is a path of sacrifices, in which from the BNM founder leader to the common activist have been abducted, disappeared, and killed by the occupying state. This process is ongoing and just as our participation in the party is conscious, so should our role be on the basis of consciousness.

The speakers said that today Pakistan has started the massacre of Baloch. They are targeting ordinary Baloch. No one’s life and dignity are safe there. The Hoshaap incident is a recent example. People are being picked up and disappeared and killed and thrown away. Thousands have been missing for years. These incidents will continue to happen until our country is free.

At the end of the meeting, a three-member organizing body was formed, according to which Hatim Baloch Organizer, Mubarak Baloch Deputy Organizer and Comrade Habib Baloch were elected as member of the Organizing Committee.

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