The 4th General Body of the BNM Germany chapter

The 4th General Body of the Baloch National Movement Germany Zone was held on 21 May in Hannover, the Chairman of the party, Dr. Naseem Baloch was the chief guest.

In the General Body the performance of the previous cabinet, future strategy, the domestic of Balochistan and foreign politics were under discussion. The new zonal cabinet were unanimously elected for the next two years. Asghar Ali Baloch was elected President, Banuk Samul Baloch Vice President, Jabbar Baloch General Secretary and Shar Hassan Joint Secretary and Mohammad Arif Baloch was elected as new finance Secretary of Baloch National Movement Germany Zone.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Naseem Baloch, the newly elected Central Chairman of BNM congratulated the new zonal cabinet and said I am confident the newly elected cabinet would carry forward national movement and party programs in a new height.

Appreciating the role of women in the Baloch National Movement, Dr Naseem Baloch said that today Baloch women are joining the movement on the basis of equality and are playing a vital role in national struggle.

He said that in order to crush the national movement, when the state targeted killing of political activists, kidnapping and burying their mutilated bodies in mass graves, Baloch women took to the field and continued the struggle of their brothers and endured inexplicable hardships. Once again, the state has started harassing Baloch women and there is a constant rise in enforced disappearances of Baloch women. In the same context, security forces of Pakistan abducted a woman, Noor Jan from Hoshaap area of District Kech at the middle of night and serious allegations were leveled against her.

He said, “Some self centric so-called political parties who call themselves Baloch nationalists, have closed their eyes on the enforced disappearances of Baloch women, violation of Baloch dignity and humiliation and are campaigning and begging for votes in local body elections. But now the Baloch nation is fully aware of their personal interests.

Discussing the national and international situation, Dr. Naseem Baloch said that today Pakistan is facing a dire situation and is facing economic crisis. After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan’s intention of making Afghanistan under Taliban as its proxy state, has fall in fallacy. IMF is also at tenterhooks to support weak and depleting economy of due to excessive level of corruption. Therefore, it is time gather momentum for our national freedom.

Asghar Ali Baloch, the newly elected president of the BNM Germany zone, said they are thankful to their party friends for having faith on them and giving them the opportunity to take the responsibility of party in Germany. It would in their priorities to carry on the work of the previous zonal cabinet. And they would do their level best to tell the world about the ongoing oppression in Balochistan.

He said that it was his dream to give due representation to women in the national struggle for freedom. And the presence of a woman is the cabinet is a honour and point of pride.

Banuk Samul Baloch, the new vice-president thanked the all members of Baloch National Movement Germany Zone.

She said, “This a proud moment for me. I am confident enough that when next general body of Baloch National Movement take place the representation of Baloch women would be doubled.”

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