Germany: BNM held a protest against enforced disappearance of Baloch people

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) said a protest against enforced disappearances was held in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany in connection with Pakistani barbarism and Baloch genocide. A large number of Baloch political and social activists participated in the protest. Participants chanted slogans against atrocities committed by the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies in Balochistan. The organizer of the event distributed pamphlets and informed the locals about the atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan where people are becoming the victim of enforced disappearances and “Kill and Dump” policy.

Addressing the rally, participants called on the United Nations, the European Union and other human rights organizations to speak out against Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan and to put pressure on Pakistan to release the Baloch who were forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani army.

Vice President of Baloch National Movement Germany Zone, Dosten Baloch said that the brutality of the Pakistani army has been going on in Balochistan for 70 years, and there goes not a single day when students, teachers, intellectuals and people from different walks of life are not whisked away.

He added, “The people are being forcibly disappeared or martyred on daily basis.”

At the end of protest he thanked the participants and expressed his determination to continue their efforts to rise the voice of Balochistan to the world.

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