Germany: BNM protest against killing of Hanif Chamrok and Enforced Disappearances in Balochistan

Baloch National Movement Germany Zone staged a protest at Köln City of Germany against the Enforced Disappearances and torture and assassination of Hanif Chamrok and Baloch genocide.

The spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that protest was held in Germany as part of an international awareness campaign against genocide and serious human rights violations in Balochistan over the past two decades. Apart from party workers, locals also took part in the demonstration. Protesters held banners and placards and chanted slogans against Pakistan.

The protesters distributed pamphlets and chanted slogans for the release of thousands of Baloch missing persons. They also spoke against the Baloch genocide and human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan. BNM activists condemned the killing of Hanif Chamrok, the father of prominent human rights activist Tayyaba Baloch.

Pakistan has turned the Baloch homeland into a slaughterhouse. On the one hand, the state army and intelligence agencies are playing Holi with the blood of the Baloch, on the other hand, death squads consisting of criminals, with support of the army and the intelligence agencies, have made life difficult for the Baloch. They killed Hanif Chamrok, the father of political and human rights activist Tayyaba Baloch and a well-known artist, in Turbat. The assassination of Hanif Chamrok was to kill a Baloch as well as to punish Tayyaba Baloch, a political and human rights activist, and to silence her voice. But Tayyaba Baloch dipped her pen in her father’s blood and wrote the words in the form of a press conference at Kech Press Club in which she expressed that Pakistan’s defeat is obvious.

The international campaign of the Baloch National Movement against the killers of thousands of Baloch like Hanif Chamrok and for national liberation is going on. We make it clear to international human rights organizations that their silence is a clear reason for the bloodshed of the Baloch. Their further silence will make the international community indebted to the Baloch nation.

Jasim Balaoch, the Deputy Unit Secretary of NRW said, “Balochistan is a historical land. We have our history, culture, and language. Baloch land is occupied by Pakistan and Pakistan is violating Human rights in Balochistan. People from every walk of life are being disappeared by Pakistani security forces. It is the duty of the United Nations, the European Union, and the civilized world to raise voice against these injustices that Pakistan has been committing in Balochistan. No one is safe in Balochistan.”

Baloch National Movement member Shazia Baloch stated: “Human rights violations in Balochistan have reached its pinnacle. In the last two decades approximately 40,000 persons, including women, children, students, doctors, political activists, social workers and people from all walks of life became victims of enforced disappearances. Likewise, more than 10,000 persons were extra-judicially killed by Pakistan army and intelligence agencies. Moreover, their mutilated and decomposed bodies were thrown in inhabited and desolated areas.”

Emman Baloch said: “Brutalities in Balochistan go unreported in international media. Pakistan has turned Balochistan into a no-go area for media; there is a complete media blackout. Therefore, crimes against humanity in Balochistan committed by the Pakistan army, intelligence agencies and security forces go unnoticed.

Amjid Murad Baloch a member of the Baloch National Movement said, “Baloch are struggling for next generation. A Free Balochistan is the ultimate destiny of our nation.”

Sheraz Baloch said, “Mass graves are found in Balochistan which shows the level of genocide in Balochistan. Pakistan is committing war crimes in Balochistan but the silence of civilized world is increasing our difficulties.”

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