In clear acts of war crimes Pakistan is killing Baloch activists in fake encounters. BNM

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that human rights violations and Baloch genocide were not only rampant in Balochistan but were also intensifying. Five people were killed in a fake encounter in New Kahaan while ten people were killed two days ago and their bodies were buried in the cemetery of "unknown people" in Mastung through the Cheepa Foundation. Earlier, the Edhi Foundation and other charitable organizations have buried a number of bodies in the cemetery and set up a new cemetery in which more than 150 people have been declared unknown so far.

The spokesperson said that the five persons who were killed by the Pakistani forces in a fake encounter and ten persons who were declared unknown by the Cheepa Foundation have not been shown for identification. In modern times, it was a human right to have their DNA tested, but by quietly burying them, the state of Pakistan is trying in vain to cover up its war crimes. These killers must remember that wherever blood spells, it leaves its mark, which no power in the world can erase.

He said that Balochistan has been turned into a killing field and butchery. A complete human tragedy and crisis has arisen here. Due to the silence of international organizations, this humanitarian crisis is getting worse day by day. After mass graves, kill and dump and fake encounters, the missing Baloch are now being declared unidentified, unknown and buried. If the international community does not hold Pakistan accountable, it will remain continued.

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