Killing of a Baloch woman in Sibi is continuation of Pakistan’s barbaric acts and a war crime. BNM

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement termed the Pakistani barbarism in Sibi as a continuation of barbaric act and collective punishment and said that the mother of Baloch activist was taken into custody and martyred during the military operation in Loni Sibi.

He stated that Shaheed Pervez Domki preferred resistance and martyrdom instead of laying down arms in front of the state and its institutions and sacrificed himself for the homeland.

The spokesperson added, “Pakistan’s military has punished the martyred activist’s act by martyring his mother which is a new addition to Pakistan’s brutality and war crimes.”

“By infiltrating Balochistan, Pakistani soldiers are violating Baloch values. In a society where women are highly respected, such brutality is tantamount to defying Baloch traditions. Pakistan and its army will have to be held accountable for this crime in.”

The spokesperson while referring International law said, “International law does not allow any state to inflict collective punishment on women and children at war time. Pakistan and its state institutions are involved in enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of women and children in Balochistan which is gross violation of international laws.”

The spokesperson further said that the Sibi incident was not the first incident in the history of Balochistan but even before that, attempts were made to force the Baloch activists to surrender before the state and in case of refusal the family members were subjected to collective punishment.

This act of the state shows that it is punishing women and children through inhumane and unconstitutional way, after failing to stop the Baloch war of independence and eradicate patriotism from the hearts of the Baloch people, which is an example and proof of fear.

At the end of his statement, the Central Spokesperson said that the persecution in Balochistan had deeply affected all sections of the society. It is the responsibility of international organizations to play their role in preventing collective punishment in Balochistan and to liberate the Baloch nation from state oppression by forcing Pakistan to abide by international law.

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