Killing of Taj Bibi is continuation of Baloch genocide. BNM protests against it.

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement has said that the terrorism of the Pakistani army in Kech and the assassination of Taj Bibi is part of the genocide. Pakistan is trying its best to show that Baloch is a slave who will be paid in shape of bullet in chest, a prison and corpses. Balochistan is a laboratory where everything from atomic bombs to targeted killings, kill and dump, including mass graves, is being witnessed. It is up to the Baloch nation whether they are content with the dirty values set by Pakistan or they will strengthen the national resistance.

He said that killing of people engaged in daily life was not an unintentional or an intentional mistake of an individual but was part of a planned genocide by the Pakistani state and the army. The killing of Taj Bibi is neither the first nor the last incident. This will continue until the Baloch get rid of Pakistan.

The central spokesperson said that Taj Bibi, wife of Musa, had faced the horrors of the Pakistani army even before the assassination. The barbarism of the Pakistani army had forced them to migrate from his hometown of Keelkaor. Here in Kech, the entire population of Askani or the majority of them are refugees who have been forced evicted by the Pakistani army from their respective areas. Here too, Pakistan has decided to inflict similar barbarism on them.


He said that the only way to stop the Baloch genocide is to organize national resistance. Otherwise our mothers, sisters, brothers and elders will continue to be killed. All zones are directed to hold global demonstrations and awareness campaigns against Pakistani atrocities.

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