Many Pakistani origins are part of the govt; They may try to influence Karima's case - Hammal Haider

While talking with Radio Zrumbesh, Foreign Secretary of Baloch National Movement, Hammal Haider Baloch says they are not satisfied with the initial report prepared by the Canadian police, but we are fully cooperating with the police and other administration yet.

However, the family had approached other institutions in Canada. They are now conducting a high-level investigation, and hopeful to get justice from the Canadian government.

He further said they are in touch with a few private lawyers and may seek their services in the future if the police and the Canadian govt failed to give them a satisfactory answer.

He noted, Karima Baloch and Sajid Hussain’s deaths seem to be part of an organized professional crime. It could be new for Europeans, but we believe these are no coincidences.

Hammal Haider also said that Karima has been receiving threats. They have recently received same threats through Baluchistan Times. It seems like Balochistan Times is being monitored and it remains under constant surveillance.

Answering to a question on Iran’s involvement, Haider said that “No matter who is involved, we demand a thorough investigation.” Hard to believe why Iran would kill Karima?

We understand China can commit such a crime because of CPEC, said Hammal Haider.

He feared the Pakistani government has long been mulling over the options to eliminate their opponents here in the West.

The fifth and sixth generation cyberwar is part of it. Now they might have changed their strategy. Many Pakistani origins are part of the Labour-led govt in Canada. They may try to influence the investigation. They are the ones who deliberately delayed Karima’s asylum case.

Until November 2020, Karima went through two investigations. Still, rules of law prevail in Canada, and, I don’t think Pakistan can influence this case.

He thanked Baloch nation especially Baloch women, children, and also non-Baloch activists, who stood with his family.

He also said we are making arrangements to transport Karima's dead body to Balochistan, and she will be buried in her hometown.

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