May 28: It wasn’t a nuclear test but a nuclear attack on Baloch soil. Central Spokesperson BNM

May 28: It wasn’t a nuclear test but a nuclear attack on Baloch soil. Central Spokesperson BNM

May 28: Pakistan did not only conduct nuclear tests but used the occasion as a nuclear attack on Baloch land: BNM

The spokesman for the Baloch National Movement said that on May 28, 1998, Pakistan did not conduct nuclear tests but used the occasion as an attack on Baloch people and Balochistan, in its efforts of ethnic cleansing of Baloch people which mounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The effects of the nuclear attacks are still wreaking havoc on Baloch soil. The choice of an occupied territory to conduct nuclear tests without safety precautions is proof that we, the Baloch people, have been attacked with atomic bombs.

The spokesman said that Balochistan is an occupied land and its status is merely a colony and Baloch nation lives the life of an occupied people.

He added, “What could be further proof of this, that those who support politics in the Pakistani framework were in government, but Pakistan did not even bother to officially inform them about the planed nuclear tests. Even, his government was overthrown. He also had to travel to Punjab to seek the blessings of the Punjabi rulers to save this puppet government. Not only his government was toppled but also in the eyes of the Baloch nation, he is complicit in the crime of nuclear attacks (test). Despite their involvement in this crime to prove their loyalty, Baloch parliamentarians have not been able to gain respect from Pakistan.

He said the CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty) was established in 1996, which is the largest agreement on the prevention of nuclear tests. Its purpose is to prevent all kinds of nuclear tests in the world, but Pakistan has not signed the agreement. The second agreement, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, calls for the elimination of all nuclear weapons from the surface of the world. Pakistan is not a signatory to this either. Therefore, Pakistan’s nuclear program and the nuclear blasts in Balochistan are against international norms and in defiance of International peace.

The spokesman said that Pakistan had not conducted a nuclear test in an uninhabited and barren desert but had carried out a nuclear attack in Chaghi Raskoh between Kharan, Noshki and Dalbanden. The radiation effects of the nuclear attack have produced various other diseases, including cancer, drought and environmental catastrophe. This has resulted in loss of millions of cattle lives and agriculture. Indigenous people from the area have been forced to migrate due to the prevalence of cancer at epidemical levels, caused by the radiations.

To this day, the radiation effects of these blasts are wreaking havoc in Balochistan, the spokesman said. The effects of the radiation that spread over a wide area due to the nuclear tests on the Baloch land are still there. Due to nuclear tests, clean drinking water has become scarce for the people. Radiation has caused devastating changes in the environment. People’s agricultural lands, orchards and livestock have been destroyed. Climate change has occurred and the rains have disappeared. Such severe drought has forced locals to migrate.

The blasts have had a devastating effect on human, animal and wildlife, he said. These areas have been suffering from famine for two decades due to radiation and climate change. The flowing springs have dried up. Cancer is spreading like a plague across Balochistan. Skin cancer, eye diseases, birth defects and malnutrition, premature birth in women and low birth weight babies have become commonplace.

The spokesman said that Balochistan is an occupied land. The atomic explosion in an occupied territory is a clear violation of human and national rights. We, as a nation, appeal to the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to send an investigation team to investigate the radiations in Balochistan. Pakistan and its nuclear weapons have not only angered us but are a clear threat to the very existence and survival of the world. In this regard, Dr. Abdul Qadeer has confessed to the media that he has been involved in nuclear proliferation. The fact is that this work has been done at the state level. For the protection and security of the region, the world and humanity, it is necessary that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons be kept in watch and Pakistan should be forced to disarm its nukes or give them at custody of the United Nations. Otherwise, it could fall into the hands of religious extremists at any time because the Pakistani army is a fanatical religious army that has also driven the public mood towards religious fanaticism through its brutal use of power.

He said it is the duty of the United Nations to send an inspection team to Balochistan to assess the effects of radiation from the nuclear tests.

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