May report: More than 70 military operations, 11 killed, 51 went missing, homes, forests set on fire

BNM May report: More than 70 military operations, 11 killed, 51 went missing, dozens of homes and extensive forests set on fire

Human tragedy has arisen in Balochistan. UN intervention has become inevitable. Dil Murad Baloch

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary, Baloch National Movement, while releasing a detailed report for the month of May, said that state terrorism and aggression were on the rise in Balochistan this month as well. More than 70 military operations and raids carried out by the Pakistani military this month and 11 people were killed: Four of them were killed by the army, five by the military backed death squads and two by the police. In May, 51 people went missing at the hands of the Pakistani military. More than 30 houses were set on fire in the ongoing operations across Balochistan. Twelve people were killed in different areas whose motives could not be ascertained while 16 people were released from Pakistani torture cells and returned home.

Dil Murad Baloch said that in the month of May, the Pakistani army launched a large scale offensive in Bolan and Keelkor. An unarmed man was shot dead by the Pakistani army in the Keelkor area of ​​Panjgoor and another in Lakh Pass, Quetta. One freedom fighter was martyred in a clash with the army. Two other Sarmachars and two close relatives of Baloch National Movement activist were targeted and killed by the state death squad. In the same month, the horrific news came out that in January of the same year, three women were sexually abused by the Pakistan Army’s Death Squad. In the crime of bringing this news before the media, the Pakistani army started a new series of oppression on the people of the affected family.

He said that in the month of May, the Pakistan Army continued its large scale operations in different areas including Bolan, Kech , Awaran, Mashkay, Panjgoor, Mastung and Kohlu. In different areas of Panjgoor, the Pakistani army burned forests including wild olives. People’s homes in different areas were set on fire after being looted.

Dilmurad Baloch said that in May, due to arranging the marriage of his daughter to a pro-freedom activist in Awaran, the Pakistani army picked up Noorjan Haroon, a resident of Harooni Dann, along with his son and another relative and took him to a military camp. There they were badly tortured. Noor Jan was threatened to present his daughter in military camp. Noor Jan was released after severe physical and mental torture to present his daughter in a Pakistani military camp. The next day, Noor Jan committed suicide by hanging himself from a palm tree. We consider it a murder. The occupying army is ignorant of the culture and psychology of the Baloch nation. Due to inhuman demand of Army, Noor Jan decided to end his life. Noor Jan conveyed the message to the occupying forces that despite seven decades of occupation, they were still unable to understand the Baloch national values. In fact, the psychology and culture of the Baloch and the so-called Pakistani nation are far apart and it is not possible for them to merge. That is why the Baloch nation has been fighting for independence for seven decades.

He said that Haji Abdullah Qalandarani, the father of Fida Ahmed and Ziaullah, who had been imprisoned and disappeared for 11 years in the torture cells of the Pakistan Army, had died after a long wait. There are hundreds of stories in Balochistan where mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and wives have passed away tired of waiting for their loved ones, but their wait did not end.

Dil Murad Baloch said that the barbarism of Pakistani army has reached its peak in Balochistan. A human tragedy has arisen here. If human rights organizations, including the United Nations, do not take notice of the situation in Balochistan, Pakistan will not hesitate from committing genocide several times worse than Bangladesh.

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