Monthly report on the situation in Balochistan: Barbarism continued in the last month of the year

The Central Information Secretary of the Baloch National Movement, Dil Murad Baloch, while releasing a detailed report for December 2020, said that the last month of the year, as before, was marked by barbarism and state terrorism. Naked aggression continued unabated across Balochistan.

In December, the Pakistani military killed nine people in more than 50 operations and raids and left 65 missing. Three Baloch refugees and a sympathizer of the Baloch National Movement were killed and martyred in Afghanistan. Five militants were martyred in a battle with the Pakistani army. One of them was killed by state-sponsored Death Squad members. While nine people were released from Pakistani prisons and reached home. Military barbarism was most prevalent in Makkuran, Awaran and Bolan. In these areas, the army burnt dozens of homes.

The spokesman said that in the same month, there was the tragic murder of Banuk Karima in Toronto, Canada, who was killed after disappearing. Police in a preliminary report termed her martyrdom as a non-criminal activity, which was rejected by the entire Baloch nation, including the Baloch National Movement. The BNM demands a high-level investigation as the dark deeds of the notorious Pakistani secret service ISI are exposed to the world.

The confessions and threats of General Pervez Musharraf, Chaudhry Nisar and General Amjad Shoaib prove that who is the real threat to Baloch political refugees. Besides, Banuk Karima herself warned the Canadian government that the shifting of large numbers of Pakistani army generals there could pose a direct threat to the lives of them and other Baloch refugees. But the Canadian government did not listen to Shaheed Banuk Karima. Pakistani Army Generals continued to move to Canada, and Banuk’s prediction came true in the form of her martyrdom.

Dil Murad Baloch said that in the month of December, the Pakistan Army launched a large-scale offensive in Keelkaor, an area between Kech and Panjgur. Keelkaor is a vast area inhabited by large numbers of Herdsman people. The Pakistani army laid siege to most of the areas of Kolwah and Keelkor and started barbarism. In Keelkor, gunship helicopters ruthlessly shelled on a worship place and set a new example of the massacre, killing seven pilgrims. Six of them were declared armed militants by Pakistan and their bodies were shifted to Awaran while the body of a minor was dumped there. Several people were injured during the massacre. The brutal army did not even allow the injured to be taken out for medical treatment. In addition, more than 40 people were detained and disappeared by the army during the operation in Kolwah and Keelkor. Three of the missing persons were killed in custody and their bodies dumped in Kolwah. Several women and children were taken into custody from the areas adjacent to Gichk and transferred to unknown places.

He said that in the last decade of December, the Pakistan Army launched a large-scale operation in different areas of Bolan including Chesan, Pod, Mian Kaur, Shahrag and Machh, Bazgar, Jambro, Talang, Kaman, Jhalawan, Loni and Mejdari. Fifteen people went missing by the army until the latest reports from the area and a wide range of forests were set on fire.

Dil Murad Baloch said that the barbarism of the Pakistani army has reached its peak in Balochistan. A human tragedy has arisen here. If human rights organizations, including the United Nations, do not take notice of the situation in Balochistan, Pakistan will not hesitate from committing worse crimes than it committed in Bangladesh.

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