National response to events like Hoshaap tragedy is a historic turning point: Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, chairman of the Baloch National Movement, said in perspective of the Hoshaap incident that the humiliating experience of 73 years of slavery had instilled in Baloch a love for the freedom that cannot be subdued and discouraged through the Pakistani army’s horrific barbarism, terrorism and war crimes. The courage of the old Baloch on the Hoshaap incident and his standing before the Pharaoh of the time proved once again that barbarism is sowing the seeds of its own annihilation in its own womb. He figuratively remarked, “it is only a matter of time when in the court of history, those who are on the righteous side will prevail in the battle of truth against occupation and terrorism; moreover, falsehood will become a thing of the past.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that events like Hoshaap are a historic junction in the journey of independence. Such events evaluate us, help us in identifying our friend and foe. Furthermore, such incidents go on to fight the enemy and gain immortality, providing new energy to the movement. The Baloch national reaction against the Hoshaap incident once again defeated the aggressive policy of brutally subjugation and terrorism, and once again ignominious humiliation and defeat came in the share of Pakistan.

Khalil Baloch said that the Baloch national liberation movement has turned into a people’s movement. The atrocities perpetrated by the enemy to crush the movement have resulted in a wider and more comprehensive movement.

Chairman Khalil Baloch summed up, “It is very unlikely that Pakistan will stop further barbarism, but it is certain that the Baloch-Pakistan relationship is an example of water and oil that no alchemist in the world can bond both together.”

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