Netherlands: 28 May 1998, protest against nuclear blasts in Balochistan

The Baloch National Movement Netherlands Chapter protested against nuclear test in Balochistan. In 1998 Pakistan tested 5 nuclear bombs in Chaghai area of Balochistan which causes aftermath effects in the area. People of the Chaghai are suffering from disease and other issues. On Saturday protest along with party’s members other Baloch also participated in the protest.

Pamphlets were distributed to raise awareness about nuclear test in Chagai, Balochistan. The demonstrators were holding placards and banners, highlighting the sever impact of nuclear radiation in Balochistan aftermath nuclear test. The participants of demonstration also chanted slogans against the testing of nuclear weapons in Balochistan. A huge number of local people were attracted and expressed their concern and solidarity to the people of Balochistan against nuclear test by Pakistan.

Hammal Haider Baloch, the foreign secretary of the Baloch National Movement were present at event and said, Chagai and surrounding areas are flagged with sever disease after May 28, 1998 nuclear tests by Pakistan.

He said, “people are suffering from chronic diseases. Children are born with disabilities while other serious diseases such as cancer are more prevalent in those areas due to nuclear radiations. From 28 May 1998 till today people of Balochistan are confronting fatal diseases.”

Jamal Baloch the Human rights activist and the member of Baloch National Movement, said that Pakistani nuclear tests in Balochistan caused several health hazards in Balochistan. We appeal to the international community that they should curb the nuclear programs of Pakistan. Pakistan is a terrorist state, and lethal atomic bombs in control of Pakistan is a looming threat to the entire world. We request to the world that all nuclear weapons of Pakistan should banned and sanctioned because Pakistan commit war crimes in Balochistan by testing atomic bomb in Chaghai.

The former President of Baloch National Movement Netherlands Chapter, Keyya Baloch said that the nuclear test in Chaghai not only turned the mountain of Ras koh an heap of nuclear waste but it also causes deadly disease, such as cancer has spread rampantly.

Keyya Baloch added, “Before these nuclear tests, people had enough meant of livelihood but nuclear explosion has deprived them of from all means. The areas had turned into barren lands, people are suffering from chronic disease and draught is an order of day for last two decades.”

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