Our doors are open to all but party policies are set for national interests: Khalil Baloch

The fourth meeting of the Central Committee of the Baloch National Movement was held under the chairmanship of Khalil Baloch. It was attended by all members of the Cabinet and the Central Committee. Different agendas were discussed in the meeting and several decisions were taken. Central Council Session will be held on name of Shaheed Dr. Manan Baloch and in memory of Shuhada-e-Balochistan. In addition to determining the date and venue of the council session, various committees were set up.

Addressing the meeting of the Central Committee, Chairman Khalil Baloch said that in this journey we have sacrificed our most deserving and senior comrades. What sets us apart from other parties or organizations in the national movement or society is the trust in the institutions, institutional politics, teamwork and consistency and harmony with the revolutionary requirements. The concept of institutional politics and its implementation maintained the party despite many losses such as the martyrdom of senior leaders, cadres and workers. In a short time we have sacrificed countless comrades. We have the confidence of the people due to sacrifices, institutional politics, teamwork and perseverance. As we are going to hold council session, we need to look at the flaws and weaknesses.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the Baloch nation has established a confidence in the Baloch National Movement outside Balochistan and in the Baloch land. In Balochistan, the enemy has made life difficult for the Baloch. Our children, brothers and elders are being killed. But in spite of this barbarism, the Baloch nation is with us at every step in difficult circumstances on the slogan of freedom. We are on a way where we can be targeted at any time in Balochistan and abroad. But in this journey, the people connected with organizations, their nerves, enthusiasm and confidence should not be diminished so that no internal or external interference or any desire can break our nerves. How can we expect people to trust us or make sacrifices when we lack endurance and courage?

He said that our first priority for national independence and survival is revolutionary discipline for the party. Our doors are open to all for the success of the movement. We are in the process of liaising and collaborating with various organizations. But our decisions, as an authoritative body, are on a revolutionary scale for the national interest and the demands of the time. No one should be under the impression that BNM will be compromised in its priorities. Therefore, our comrades need to move forward with strict revolutionary discipline so that we can meet the needs and requirements of the movement.

Addressing the meeting of the Central Committee, Secretary General Dr. Murad Baloch said that the Baloch National Movement is a mass revolutionary party. As a member of a mass revolutionary party, we have taken an oath of all kinds of sacrifices. From the leadership of the Baloch National Movement, cadres to members, all have made sacrifices. In this process, any of us can become the target of the enemy. That is why it is said that the struggle for independence does not have a leader because they are constantly being killed. We who are alive, we must realize what we have to do. The Central Committee of the Revolutionary Party is not just a handful of people, but they are policy makers to guide the revolutionary process and the society. It is up to them to decide which way or direction they want to take the revolutionary process and society. Our policies are not the result of anyone’s superficial desire, but as a strategy to achieve the national interest and national goal.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that the Central Committee of a revolutionary party is of utmost importance. The Central Committee members should work and guide the people in such a way that the enemy cannot find them. By living in the people, a revolutionary should attract people like a magnet and not push them like water.

He said that human error could not be denied in any struggle. Mistakes have been made by the leadership of past and present superpowers. The revolutionary leaderships of Vietnam, China and Cuba have made mistakes. Their struggles have been successful. So their failures were overshadowed by their successes. God forbid, if we fail, our organization will not be exempted. We have made mistakes and its possible in future too. The Baloch nation and the party suffered from the blind trust we had in the people for the great national interest. The martyrdom of Ghulam Muhammad is at the forefront in this chapter. If an underground armed group kidnaps a UN representative, then under what political ethics, a leader of democratic and surface politics is made a representative? What does this mean for the enemy and the world? We are not to blame anyone for this, but the people we trusted blindly have the greatest responsibility. We do not say that the enemy will not harm Ghulam Muhammad or our other leaders, but this act directly became an important impetus for the martyrdom of Ghulam Muhammad.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that Dr. Mannan Baloch was one of our leaders whose spaces are hardly filled. He was martyred at a time when enemy’s terrorism was on the rise. It was his revolutionary nature to set out on a journey in extremely dangerous circumstances to resolve differences and misunderstandings between the organizations. We suffered an irreparable loss on martyrdom of Dr. Mannan and his colleagues. Today we are working under a revolutionary strategy according to the requirements of the situation. It may be the wish of a few elements to follow the same strategy again today but we cannot afford it now. We have built a strong chain with a comprehensive strategy, from chairman to membership. Therefore, I request that we should give priority to revolutionary ethics over the traditional way of thinking and in the struggle for freedom we should not get entangled in the mechanisms and terminology, but in order to maintain the continuity of the struggle we must adhere to our society and revolutionary requirements. A harmonious decision must be made.

Various decisions were taken in the meeting. The basic membership of Ghulam Nabi Baloch, the party’s vice chairman is terminated. In his vacant seat, Dr. Khuda Bakhsh, a member of the Central Committee, was elected Vice-Chairman. Former Vice Chairman of BSO Azad Kamal Baloch was elected to the vacant seat of the Central Committee. Korea Zone Member Abid Baloch’s Basic Membership is restored, Hasil Baloch, former deputy organizer of Zarwan Zone, was suspended for two months for breach of discipline.

Dated: May 29, 2021

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