Last month in Balochistan, 55 people forcibly disappeared and 5 were killed by Pakistani Forces

Shaal: Human rights report for August on the situation of human rights in Balochistan has been issued by the Paank, a human rights organization monitoring the situation of human rights in Balochistan.

“55 people including 22 students were forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army in August, while 5 people were killed.” Says Paank’s report, an organization associated with the human rights department of the Baloch National Movement.

According to the report, in August 4 people were handed over to the police in false cases after forced disappearance, 37 people were recovered from torture cells, and 4 were seriously injured in violent incidents.

According to the report, the red zone sit-in protest which started on 21st July in front of the Governor House Shaal is still going on, instead of coming to negotiations or accepting their demands, the Government is not even paying heed to the voices and keeps ignoring the peaceful protestors which are demanding to end Enforced Disappearances.

Click on the link below to get the full report in PDF format:

Englisgh Report

Download PDF • 1.49MB

Urdu Report

Download PDF • 9.73MB

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