PAANK Report of September 2022

PAANK has released a detailed report of Pakistani atrocities and human rights violations by Pakistan. The detailed PDF file is attached with the statement.

In the Month of September, 30 people were forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies. Two young men were killed by an army-backed death squad. After severe mental and physical torture, 19 people were released who were previously abducted from different parts of Balochistan by State forces.

The people of Balochistan have been enduring to an increasing extent Pakistan’s state oppression for the last two decades. States forces have been perpetrating multiple human rights violations on daily basis with complete impunity. Thousands of civilians have been extra-judicially killed and forcibly disappeared by Pakistan, s military and its spy agencies.

In September 2022, the actions of Pakistan intelligence agencies and its forces namely counter Terrorism Department CTD and Army have made the lives of civilians unbearably difficult. In the month of September, we have seen an increase in the cases of enforced disappearances instead of decreasing.

The recent visit of the Pakistan Home Minister, Law Minister, and other ministers in the demonstration sit-in camp of Baloch Missing’s families, and their made promises yield no result. yet still, military machinery is busy doing the same as before.

The families of the Enforced Disappeared have tried to convey their voice to respected organizations of Hunan Rights, courts, and Parliament in a peaceful manner and in accordance with Pakistan’s law/constitution. But these organizations have never seriously paid any attention to these grave and serious issues, which again shows that these organizations are turning a blind eye and are indirectly complicit in what the mighty Army of Pakistan is doing in Balochistan. This could be interpreted as their silent support for Pakistan Army in committing Extra Judicial Killing, Enforcedly Disappearances, and Fake Encounters in Balochistan.

Baloch as a Nation and People of Balochistan has been consistently raising their voices and concerns and coordinating with the responsible International Human rights organizations, but it seems that they are unable to pressurize Pakistan’s military complex to put an end to these atrocities and human rights violations being committed in Balochistan against Bloch people.

This Human Rights crisis in Balochistan has affected the people of Balochistan mentally and psychologically. There is an increase in psychological problems because of which there are emerging reports of suicides.

If the violation of human rights and these atrocities continue with impunity in Balochistan and no concrete steps were taken to stop it, then it would not just turn Balochistan into an epicenter of violence, but will surely be harmful to the peace in the region. This is the responsibility of the powerful institutions and countries in the world who are aware of these atrocities, human rights violations, and war crimes in Balochistan, and yet are still hesitant in confronting Pakistan.

September Englis Report
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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