Report on human rights violations in Balochistan

Report in PDF

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Baloch national movement’s human rights department Paank released a report on June.

The brutalities of Pakistani military, intelligence agencies and Army backed death squad continued throughout Balochistan.

Balochistan is facing worst humanitarian crisis since last two decades, there is not a single month where human rights violations have not taken place, and the silence of the world is making Pakistani establishment more confident about not being held accountable for the human rights violations.

During the month of June Pakistani security forces mostly targeted the youth and students in Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan.

Day-by-Day human rights violations are increasing, Baloch nation has been systematically affected by the atrocities of Pakistan. Thousands of people have been stumbling for years in search of their loved ones, mothers along with their children are getting old in protest camps, Pakistani establishment is also well aware about their helplessness, judicial rights are taken away from Baloch media personnel and journalists are not allowed to report on the situations. We know very well that Pakistan wants to depoliticize Baloch society with the weapon of collective punishment so that people are unable to raise their voice for their national and political rights.

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