Pakistan cannot hide its war crimes by killing missing persons outside its borders: BNM

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistani state and army are trying new methods of genocide in Balochistan. Fake encounters were added through CTD this year. The military killed the Baloch missing persons in fake encounters and showed them as killed in a clash with the CTD. But the facts soon began to disclose as data collected by the families of the forcibly disappeared persons and various organizations was available to negate the claim made by CTD. This barbarism became very clear that the army was killing the missing persons. This tactic was in progress, hence the army started a new tactic by taking the forcibly disappeared persons outside of the border and killing them there.

The BNM spokesperson said that the Pakistani army shot dead three detainees in Sarbaz district (Hung area) of Western Balochistan under Iranian administration yesterday but one of them miraculously escaped. Pakistan has created a gang of mercenaries, those are notoriously known as Death Squad. We are convinced that Pakistan Army possibly used death squad men to take the Baloch missing persons into the territory of West Balochistan and shoot them there in order to validate its false claims that the Pakistani state has been propagating for some time now that the missing persons are not in prisons but outside the country or in the mountains.

In order to make its statement credible, Pakistan is killing Baloch missing persons out of the country which is also violating the international treaty. Pakistan took three Baloch missing persons inside to the Iranian border 30 to 40 kilometers in Western Balochistan, but in this way Pakistan could not hide its war crimes, rather, it would further expose the ugly face of Pakistan in front of the whole world including the neighbouring countries.

He said that among the detainees who were shot dead in Western Balochistan, Asad son of Nasir, resident of Noken Kahn Mand, was forcibly disappeared from his house on July 1, 2019, after being arrested. Shaheed Asad Baloch’s younger brother Yasir Baloch was forcibly disappeared on October 14, 2010, he was martyred on March 8, 2011, and his body was dumped in the desert. The media campaign was run against the enforced disappearance of Shaheed Asad Baloch and wounded Khan Muhammad Shahwani, the then-recorded appeals of his children are available as evidence that they were in the torture cells of the Pakistan Army. After his disappearance, their photographs remained in the camp of the enforced missing persons.

He said that Khan Mohammad son of Juma Khan Shahwani was arrested by Levies Force from Zahri area of ​​Khuzdar on June 17, 2019. At the time of his arrest, he told the eyewitnesses of the family that if the levies force handed him over to the army, he would either go missing or would be killed. But the Levies Force had handed him over to the army to prove its loyalty to Pakistan.

The spokesman appealed to the international community to help the Baloch nation in saving the life of Khan Muhammad Shahwani and recording his statement. We fear that the state of Pakistan will pick him up once again like Shaheed Nasir Dagarzhi and murder him so that he cannot express this brutality of Pakistan.

He further said that if the neighboring countries, world powers, and human rights organizations had similarly given an exemption to Pakistan and remained silent in the Baloch genocide, as result, the human tragedy in Balochistan has intensified and the Pakistani army have committed atrocities worse than Bangladesh. The genocide of the Baloch nation will go beyond all bounds in the shape of collective punishment.

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