Pakistan exposed our slavery to the world by stopping the Baloch nation in last rites of Karima

The central spokesman for the Baloch National Movement (BNM) said in a statement that taking the dead body of Shaheed Banuk Karima Baloch into military custody from Karachi airport was a gross violation of Baloch national values, human rights and international law. The people were stopped to offer her funeral in Karachi and a curfew has been imposed in Tump and vicinity of Turbat. It is futile to expect that Pakistan would honour Baloch traditions because Pakistan is a cowardly enemy deprived of human values. It shows the hesitation of Pakistan by keeping Banuk Karima Baloch's dead body away from the Baloch nation and prevent them to perform her last rites. The Baloch nation is not afraid of such tactics, but the sense of national slavery will touch new heights. Banuk Karima is alive in the hearts of every proud Baloch, and efforts to keep her away from the nation is nothing but day dreaming. Banuk Karima will be alive not only in the hearts of only every Baloch but all the oppressed nations of the region.

“This is not the first incident,” he said. “Pakistan has always tried to humiliate and insult the corpses of Baloch leaders but failure and disgrace came into the share of Pakistan. This is neither the first nor the last move of Pakistan, because Pakistan from the beginning has been lacking in value.

When the great sons of Nawab Nowruz Khan were hanged, it was declared that they had no relatives but their graves in Kalat have become a symbol of victory. The dead body of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was locked in a coffin and few army men tried to bury the dead body of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, anonymously. Today, Akbar Khan Bugti's death shaped the movement in the whole of Balochistan.

Pakistan tried to Bury the body of Nawab Khair Bakhsh to Kohlu by stealing it and planned to ship it through military aircraft but the Baloch nation foiled the state’s intentions and buried him in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in New Kaahan Quetta. Today, with the cowardly and inhumane attempt to keep the corpse of Banuk Karima away from the Baloch nation in military custody, Pakistan has shown its true face. But all these leaders are and will remain alive in the hearts of the Baloch nation and disgrace would become the ultimate fate of Pakistan.”

The spokesman said that the so-called nuclear power Pakistan is also scared of Karima’s body. Pakistan wants to prevent the Baloch nation to pay homage to her and perform her burial ceremony. But the Baloch nation has given Banuk Karima the title and honour of “Lumma - mother” in her own life. Now she will live in her hearts of the children of the Baloch nation and will inspire them with courage, determination and urge them to take just revenge of oppressions of Pakistan.

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that Banuk Karima stood against this tyranny till her last breath and fought against Pakistan. By taking her body under military siege today, Pakistan has further strengthened the Baloch nation’s belief that Pakistan is involved in the martyrdom of Banuk Karima in Canada.

He concluded, “the mission of Banuk Karima for a free Balochistan and her political struggle will remain to continue in the form of her political and ideological friends.”

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