Pakistan has further intensified barbarism throughout Balochistan. Central Spokesperson BNM

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that the aggression of the Pakistani army in Balochistan is increasing day by day. People are being killed and forcibly disappeared in Balochistan.

The spokesman added that the Pakistani army had recently launched a new wave of aggression in Dera Bugti, Kahan and Lehri districts adjoining Sibi, killing four people and abducting at least seven others.

Pakistani army infantry cordoned off a village called Kodi Peshi in Kahan Tehsil of Kohlu District on Saturday and launched an offensive. Jando and his nine-year-old son Ali Dad were killed, while his 15-year-old son, Ghulam Muhammad son of Jundo, went missing with his cousin.

On Sunday, the Pakistani army raided the house of 75-year-old Hazaro Domki in the village of Gori in Lehri district, adjacent to Sibi. His two unarmed sons, Aleem Domki and Hamid Domki, were killed in front of him. After this bloodshed, Hazaro along with his other son Attallah was forcibly disappeared.

The spokesman said that the killings and enforced disappearances of the Pakistani army in Balochistan have created a humanitarian crisis that has engulfed the people from Baloch Sea to Koh-e-Solomon. Forced disappearances have become commonplace on a daily basis. The people of Balochistan are subjected to inhumane torture in prisons. “On the evening of February 19, 2021, four youths were abducted by the Pakistan Army from a wedding party in Patt Feeder area of Dera Bugti. They are identified as Rasula son of Manda Bugti, Gamal son of Lala Bugti, Jong son of Taokali Bugti and Bojal son of Ali Bugti.” Added he.

Central spokesperson said that BNM was raising its voice against these disappearances globally but this issue needed the full attention of international human rights organizations. He stressed, “Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan will not end unless the international powers intervene in the affairs of Balochistan.”

The BNM spokesperson said that state elements had made life miserable for the Baloch not only in occupied Balochistan but in every corner of Pakistan. Efforts were once again being made to mobilize criminal gangs in the Baloch areas of Karachi to stem the tide of political and intellectual awareness among the people there.

He recalled, “Even in the past, Lyari had been deliberately made a hotbed of criminals in order to weaken the Baloch population there by keeping them backward on academic and political grounds.”

Lyari was the second home of Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, the founding chairman of the BNM. State and non-state elements who consider it is heirless, but will not be given free rein on any front.

He said that Lyari is the birthplace of nationalist parties. A national political mindset is needed to be organised to prevent criminal and rogue groups and stop them from flourishing in the region.

He concluded, “ The heart of every Baloch in Balochistan beats with Lyari. The Baloch living in Balochistan will not leave Lyari alone.”

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